The Mushroom Kingdom is about to bow down to their new ruler!
~ Robot Princess, greeting her subjects while grinning evilly.

The Robot Princess (Real name: Robot Princess Toadstool) was robotic double of Princess Peach, ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She does not possess any powers at all, besides being a Master Manipulator, and therefore, she sides with King Bowser.

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The Robot Princess was created by Bowser's subjects to take over the Mushroom Kingdom while the real Princess was away on vacation. The Mario Bros were assigned to take over the kingdom, but feeling overwhelmed, King Bowser thought it was the perfect moment to bring in the fake princess. Robot Princess was actually assigned with her own cruel and crazy personality and hasn't malfunctioned since. 

While she was in power, she made very risky and villainous degrees which shook the kingdom down. Such as creating a quicksand highway and watering all the Fire Flowers in the kingdom, (possibly to prevent her own defeat if Mario & Luigi found out). Mario & Luigi were unnaware that she was an Imposter, nor Robot, but they did get suspicious that she came back so early from her vacation, and that she didn't have a sun tan. She also had black lipstick and spoke with terrible grammar.

Before her defeat by the real Princess, she almost handed the Kingdoms (She got hold of the real Princesses Crown) throne to Bowser. She also potentially fired both Mario & Luigi as her right hands. She was actually completely drenched by a huge torrent of water created by the real Princess, which caused her to malfunction and freeze, creating a fried circuit. After her defeat, she is seen lying down with electric sparks, it's unknown if she's destroyed, but she probably was.

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