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Robot Rudy is a character in ChalkZone. He was the main antagonist in the episode, Double Trouble. He was created by Rudy and Penny to have destructive and helpful powers and erased him before they gave him a purpose.


After the robot was erased, he started to destroy things, injure people, and help people for tiny things. Skrawl and Craniac 4 found him and disguised him as Rudy to destroy the Magic Chalk Mine.

When Snap was going to the chalk mine, he ran into him and Skrawl ordered the robot to destroy Snap by flinging him into next Tuesday. Mistaking the robot for Rudy, Penny found out it was not Rudy and it was about to kill Penny and Snap.

Rudy found out about the robot pretending to be him and decided to build a fake chalk mine and the Robot Rudy destroyed the fake chalk mine. Angry, Skrawl and Crainiac ordered the robot to kill Rudy once and for all.

After several failed attempts, Penny remembered they did not erase Robot Rudy's remote and used it to get Crainiac and Skrawl and it was never seen again.

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