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The Robots were created by Vrak to invade Earth after both the Warstar Insectoids and Toxic Beasts failed, and the main antagonists of the third quarter of Power Rangers Megaforce.


After Admiral Malkor entered hibernation in his cocoon in order to power up, Vrak began seeking to usurp his power by conquering Earth himself. To do so, Vrak establishes an underwater base on Earth to create his mechanical army from and creates Metal Alice to lead the army.

For their first attack, Metal Alice creates Rotox and sends him out to cause havoc. After Rotox is destroyed by the Mega Rangers, Metal Alice recreates him with data gathered from the battle as Rotox DX. The Mega Rangers destroy Rotox DX, but the robot is revived and grown giant by Zombolts.

Seeking to learn more about human friendship, Metal Alice creates Robot 1CO and has him malfunction in battle in order to infiltrate the Mega Rangers and secretly gain data on friendship from them.




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