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*sigh* All this beautiful mayhem, wasted on some brainless tin-cans!
~ Plankton on the robots' carnage.

The Robots are the main antagonistic faction of the 2003 video game SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom and its 2020 remake SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. They are a group of robots built by Plankton who went rogue and cause amok throughout Bikini Bottom.



One day at the Chum Bucket, Plankton finally completes his latest invention: the Duplicatotron 3000, a machine capable of creating an army of loyal robot soldiers to aid him in his quest to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula from Mr. Krabs once and for all. However, upon activating the device, the newly birthed robots suddenly turned hostile against Plankton, as he forgot to switch their obedience lever to the "Obey Plankton" setting and it was set to the "Don't Obey Plankton" setting (why he would even build a lever like that boggles the mind). The robots then started trashing the Chum Bucket and throw Plankton out, taking the restaurant as their new base of operations. At the same time, SpongeBob and Patrick were playing a game where they wished for a bunch of robots to play with.

The next day, SpongeBob wakes up to find his living room vandalized. He then learns from the T.V. that the robots are wreaking havoc across all of Bikini Bottom. Believing himself to be responsible due to his wish, SpongeBob sets out to make up for it by defeating the metal menaces with himself with his trusty bubble-wand alongside his fearsome friends, Patrick and Sandy. Others including GaryBubble-Buddy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff, Larry, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy also help along the way by offering quests. Plankton, who denies any involvement in the robots' existence, also assists SpongeBob, but only so that he can help him get back inside the Chum Bucket so he can regain control over the robots.

Final Battle

After traveling to several locations across Bikini Bottom and defeating several robots, including giant robotic versions of Sandy and Patrick, SpongeBob and his friends reach the Chum Bucket, where they encounter a massive robotic version of SpongeBob called SpongeBot SteelPants. They also realize that Plankton had invented the machine that created the robots, and was trying, but failed to take back control. Just then, his own robot counterpart, Robot Plankton, reveals himself as the new leader of the robots, and commands SpongeBot to destroy SpongeBob.

When SpongeBot was defeated, Robot Plankton reveals that they were in love and began repairing it, making it even more massive, and then flies into its head. SpongeBob chases after him and initiates the final battle within SpongeBot's cranium, and comes out victorious when he destroys its brain while fighting off Robot Plankton and his mechanized minions. Robot Plankton then vows to summon the rest of his army to finish off the heroes, but is "defeated" when multiple Robot Planktons spawn from the Duplicatron 3000 and get into a mass argument.

After clearing out the rest of the robots still scouring Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and all his friends celebrate their victory at the Krusty Krab.


Common Enemies


The most basic enemy. They are small with cube bodies, single green eyes, and move on a single wheel. When approached, their eyes turn red and they use a black stick with a red top that conducts electricity to attack. They are fast, but are instantly destroyed by any attack. They drop five shiny objects when destroyed.


Robots wielding giant hammers as right arms, which are made of bamboo poles and a giant piece of ham with "Mer" written on it. These hammers can emit a shockwave that damages nearby heroes. They drop twenty-five shiny objects when destroyed.

In Rehydrated, the hammers are made of metallic blocks painted like ham.


Slower but durable robots that carry large containers of hot tartar sauce on their backs. They attack by using nozzles attached to the container to shoot three rounds of tartar sauce at the player. They usually take two hits to defeat. They drop thirty shiny objects when destroyed.


Small robots with large mouths, attacking by either biting or spraying poisonous fumes. They tend to attack in hoards, although like the Fodder enemy, they die in one hit. They drop ten shiny objects when destroyed.


Disc-shaped robots resembling green and purple flying saucers with five gloved hands around the circumference. They have antennae eyes in the original version and a large beacon in the middle in Rehydrated. They attack by spinning, slapping the player when hit. SpongeBob and Patrick can defeat them by ground-pounding on top of them, while Sandy can use her lasso to tie their hands up and take them down. They drop forty shiny objects when destroyed.


Submarine-like flying robots with large gloved hands on their top. When they target the player, they throw torpedoes that spew water. While possible to take them out directly, it is recommended to use distant attacks to take them out instead. They drop fifty shiny objects when destroyed.

Rehydrated marks a red circle on the ground where the torpedoes are going to land.


Robots with glasses and umbrellas using a propeller to fly. They can summon small storm clouds that chase the player and strike them with lightning. SpongeBob can defeat them with his Bubble Bash or Cruise Bubble techniques and Patrick can throw tikis at them. They drop sixty shiny objects when destroyed.


Small bomb-like robots that let out beeping noises when the player approaches, chasing after them until they self-destruct. Attacking them does not defeat them, rather they are thrown back and then explode. They drop fifteen shiny objects when destroyed.


Large sleeping robots casting light from their antennae. When something loud enters the light, they wake up and shoot lasers at them. When a Bubble Bowl is thrown, they use the laser to direct it away. While SpongeBob can sneak towards the robot to destroy them, Patrick and Sandy must rely on using distant attacks since they cannot sneak. They drop seventy shiny objects when destroyed.


Large robots dressed as cowboys wielding portable dog houses. When approached, they summon Arf Dawgs from the doghouse. When attacked, they will float to another location. They take three hits to destroy, although the Cruise Bubble destroys them instantly. They drop eighty shiny objects when destroyed.

Arf Dawg

Small dog-like robots that emerge from the Arf's dog houses in groups of three or four. They blow up after a certain amount of time similarly to the Bomb-Bot. They are the only non-boss robots not to drop shiny objects when destroyed.


Small cylinder robots that emit powerful gamma rays from their green eye. The ray is harmless while green but soon turns yellow and causes damage. In Rehydrated, the beams only cause damage when they turn red. They drop twenty shiny objects when destroyed.


Trios of robots with helicopter hats and ride on pink floaties. When they spin, the floaties emit flames. Each Tubelet can be defeated easily, but all three must be defeated within quick celerity or else they will respawn and retaliate with a large blast. They drop ninety shiny objects when destroyed.

In Rehydrated, the floaties resemble green dragons.


Large and powerful robots that blow bubbles using oil cans, which they use to shoot at the player and cause the floor to become slippery, or protect themselves in a bubble shield. They usually takes three hits to defeat, although the Cruise Bubble will destroy them instantly but only if they are not protected by a bubble shield. They drop a hundred shiny objects when destroyed.



The first robot boss fought in the Poseidome Colosseum, resembling a massive Sandy. She attacks by karate chopping, slamming on the ground, or performing the "Old Clothesline Move" by extending her limbs while flinging from a clothesline. SpongeBob and Patrick can defeat her by causing her head to pop off and electrocute it on the scoreboard.

In Rehydrated, her tail resembles a flaming smoke-stack.


The second robot boss fought in the Industrial Park, resembling a massive Patrick. He can breathe ice that temporarily freezes SpongeBob and Sandy, and spits out a sludge coming from his toxic ice cream cone. His weak spot is a note on his back that reads "Kick Me Here!", although as the phases continue, toxic waste is brought into the arena that covers it, forcing Sandy to summon crates to make platforms in order to reach him and SpongeBob to use the Bubble Bowl.


A cut boss from the original console game but appears in the GBA version (as "Squid Vicious") and in Rehydrated, resembling a massive Squidward. In Rehydrated, Robo-Squidward only appears in the multiplayer horde mode where he summons waves of enemies to battle the players on the different islands. After clearing some islands, one of his tentacles is destroyed. Once all twenty-six islands have been cleared, the last tentacle is destroyed and the boss falls into the goo.

SpongeBot SteelPants

Main article: SpongeBot SteelPants

Robot Plankton

Main article: Robot Plankton


  • When first encountering a certain type of robot, a cut-scene is played of said robot causing misfortune to an NPC, such as a group of Fodder chasing Squidward, two G-Love slapping an anchovy, and a Monsoon electrocuting a beach-goer at Goo Lagoon.
    • The only robots without an introduction cutscene are the Chomp-Bot, Bomb-Bot, and BZZT-Bot.
  • In Rehydrated, the robots have green eyes when dormant and red when hostile.
  • The Tubelets' flames change colors if the game is played on New Year's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, April Fools Day, Independence Day, and Halloween.
  • Although the developers claimed that Robo-Squidward would become a boss in Rehydrated, he was instead made a hazard within the multiplayer mode. This was due to Nickelodeon rushing the game to meet the Summer deadline.


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