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The Roc is an antagonist from the animated television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It appears in the episode of the eighth season Molt Down and it was also based upon the legendary creature of the same name and shared many of the same qualities of its mythological counterpart. It feeds on molting dragons because it's attracted to the molt smell.


Spike goes through the molt effect so he goes to Zecora's for help, but she can't interfere with a dragon's natural change. When Spike goes outside to hide from Rarity, the ravenous Roc gets drawn to the molt smell. It chases Spike and Zecora through the Everfree Forest, Spike tries to distracted it, the roc quickly snatches up Zecora. Spike runs into Rarity and tries to tell her they're in danger, however she can't hear him. The roc snatches them both up, though Spike manages to free himself with his fire breath, but Rarity and Zecora remain trapped in its clutches. Spike's molt soon becomes so bad that he can't stop scratching himself. When Twilight appears, having planned to see Zecora about a remedy for Spike's stone scales, she discovers the danger that her friends are in. As Twilight flies up to attack the roc and save Rarity and Zecora, Spike's molt continues to progress. His uncontrollable itchiness subsides, but he suddenly gets encased in a stone-like cocoon. When the cocoon breaks, Spike emerges with a pair of dragon wings.

With his newfound ability to fly, Spike soars up to help Twilight save Rarity and Zecora from the roc. Spike distracts the roc and overwhelms it with fire, causing it to drop Rarity and Zecora, and Twilight and Spike swoop down to carry them to safety. Then the Roc flees.


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