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Roc (Sinbad)

The Roc (also known as the Ice Bird) is a large eagle that is one of the "pets" of the chaos goddess Eris, and a supporting antagonist in Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Eris wakes her pets including the Roc for her plan to put chaos on the Earth is to be in motion.

It was voiced by Frank Welker, who also played Sinbad's pet dog Spike, Cetus, and the other monsters in the same film.


Eris' pets such as Scorpio, Cetus, and the Roc were seeing Eris taking a bath. She became bored that she wanted see more action.

She turns one of her bubbles to ice and she summons her Roc to turn everything to ice and snow and attack Sinbad's ship. The Roc attacks Sinbad and his crewmen and it captures Marina. It plans to eat her, but it ends up biting her coat. Sinbad rescues her and they both go on a snow slide on a sheild and the Roc chases them. They lure the Roc with into a cavern with large rocks above and it begins to collapse and large rocks fall on the Roc, killing it instantly.


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