Emperor... You crawl around this world like a maggot in flesh. To the abyss!
~ Rocbouquet

Rocbouquet is one of the main antagonists from Romancing SaGa 2.


Rocbouquet is one of the Seven Heroes and the sister of Noel. Holding great admiration for her brother and Wagnas, she insisted on joining the group, but Noel initially refused, only allowing her to join after she convinced him. Upon the heroes return, Rocbouquet moves to the jungle of Salamat where she intended to investigate the ancient towers located there, while her brother investigated the towers on the Melu Desert.

Rocbouquet takes over the town of Eirunep by using her temptation ability, charming all men to do her bidding while causing the women to exile themselves and form a amazon village nearby. She tried to enter the shrine on the town, but a large stone guardian blocked her path, but unable to destroy it by herself she hid herself inside the tower in the middle of the town, waiting for someone strong to reach her.

Once the Emperor reaches her, she will ask for him to defeat the guardian for her. If the player has a male Emperor and refuses, she will attack and attempt to charm the party, causing the fight to end and the player being forced to fight the guardian. If the player has a female Empress she won't attack and just stay there until the player either accepts her offer or defeat the guardian by himself. After the guardian is defeated Rocbouquet rushes inside the shrine and the Emperor follows. Once inside a device shows the location of another tower in the middle of the jungle and explains the towers are actually devices built by the Ancients to create interdimensional portals.

The Emperor finds the tower in the jungle, having sunk into the ground, and explores it only to find Rocbouquet at the bottom, who seemingly learned the tower's secrets. She confronts the Emperor intending to take him down for good so she could deliver the information for her brother, but she is ultimately defeated. Like the other heroes, her soul returns in the final dungeon where all the heroes fuse together for the final battle.


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