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S... sure. Like I said, I'll give you all the guns, ammo, and other supplies I took and hid away from Foundation. If, and only if you ruin any chances of your people breaking into that vault. You get it all once you get me that detonator, so I can break in myself and bring the goods back to Foundation. They'll have to let me back in, then.
~ Rocco making a deal with Lev
Vault Dweller: A man named Rocco paid someone to kill and sabotage my friends. Where is he?

Ward: Is that so? Problem is we exiled Rocco for sewing discord all around Foundation.
Vault Dweller: What did he do?
Ward: Bunch of stupid shit, like trying to turn people on each other in order to benefit himself. Then while they were all riled up he'd steal supplies out from under 'em and hoard it. Looked like he was tryin' to amass some sort of fortune in ammo and guns, for who knows what.

~ Ward to the Vault Dweller on why Rocco was exiled

Rocco is a major antagonist in Fallout 76 during the Raider route of the Wastelanders storyline. He is an exiled settler who wishes to get back into foundation by ruining the Raider's effort to break into Vault 79 and taking the gold for himself.


Rocco was a member of the Settlers at Foundation. He began sewing discord by turning Settlers against each other then began stealing from them and hoarding the supplies until he was ultimately exiled. Rocco took up residence in the Spruce Knob Boat Rental where he eventually came in contact with the Raider Lev and ultimately convinced him to turn on Meg and steal the detonator so he could break into the vault and take the gold and in exchange Rocco would give Lev and his gang of turncoats his stash of weapons and ammo, even offering up information on Foundation that would have allowed Lev's gang to easily strike them. After Lev and his gang of traitors are all killed, the Vault Dweller has the option to tie up loose ends and hunt down Rocco by going to Foundation and asking about Rocco, learning his location from Ward, the dweller heads there and has the choice to either spare Rocco's life in which he flee's Appalachia, or killing him.


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