Rocco is the main antagonist in the Mafia II DLC Pack Joe's Adventures. He appears as the Underboss of the Falcone crime family who turns traitor and is killed by the protagonist Joe Barbaro. He is voiced by Mark Mintz who also voiced Steve Coyne.


Joe Barbaro is first introduced to Rocco after a heist on a supermarket. From the first meeting it is clear that Rocco is a sociopath, as he engages in torture on an unknown mobster, much to the uneasiness of Eddie Scarpa (Capo of the Falcone Crime family). Due to Rocco being superior to Eddie, he appears to show disrespect towards him.

Joe Barbaro begins working for Rocco and becomes an associate in his crew. He orders Joe to kill Falcone members, claiming they are traitors. Later on however Rocco attempted to kill Eddie and Don Carlo Falcone in a nightclub with his crew, in possible hopes of taking over the family. Eddie and Joe chase Rocco down to a construction site and Joe pursues him to the roof, gunning through countless men working for Rocco.

Rocco is confronted by Joe on the roof and he warns Joe about Carlo Falcone's upcoming drug operation, before trying to kill Joe. However Joe stops Rocco and throws him through the roof and on top of Eddie's car and is killed instantly. Eddie takes Rocco's position as Underboss shortly after.


  • The suit he wears resembles an outfit that Vito can wear from the DLC "Vegas Pack".
  • Prior to his demise, he warns Joe about Falcone planning something. This seems to foreshadow the 1951 section of the campaign for Mafia II in which it is revealed Falcone is involved in the drug trade, which later causes conflict within the criminal underworld.
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