I don't need this! My man has TWO jobs!
~ Rochelle's catchphrase

Rochelle Tigman Rock is one of the main characters and antagonists of the American sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. While being shown as the mother of the protagonist, Rochelle is far from being considered a nice mother, because it is often beating their children, abusing your husband and making fights against others point to always want to be the voice of reason. 

She is portrayed by Tichina Arnold.


Rochelle is the mother of Chris, Drew and Tonya, and wife of Julius Rock. She is the stereotype of a cranky and arrogant woman who loves always have a reason and act aggressively when something does not go as she wants. Bate in their children whenever they insist (or not) with some of its rules and the law, being able to use heavy violence in them that form them with bandages, traumatized and seriously injured.

Angry Rochelle

Angry Rochelle

Before her husband Julius, she always yells at her and makes threats to follow your orders, besides being very jealous about seeing him with another woman to the point of pointing a knife at him in an episode. Due to the fact that her husband works two jobs while Rochelle easily gives up their jobs using your husband as an excuse and humiliating their bosses, since coming to the shows middle finger to one of his bosses.

Rochelle also demonstrates very arrogantly before her pride, sometimes coming to blows with police and even to a judge to want to have more reason than she. She also gets to attack other people in the same way that their children when it gets extremely angry with her pride.

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