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Rock is a minor antagonist in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai and the secondary antagonist of the Dub & Peter 1 one-shot manga. He starts off as a minion of Lord Asatias in Dub & Peter 1, but later becomes the leader of the Red Shark Gang in Dragon Ball Z. He is also the strongest thug in Satan City.

He is voiced by Masaharu Satō in Dragon Ball Z and Tetsu Inada in Dragon Ball Z Kai in the Japanese version, and Chuck Huber in Z and Phil Parsons in Kai in the English dubs.


Dub & Peter 1

Rock first appears helping Lord Asatias to kidnap a girl named Elizabeth in Pepper Town, but a man named Dub and his artificially intelligent car Peter 1 show up to stop the duo and rescue Elizabeth in starting a fight. But Rock and Asatias make a deal with Dub by challenging him to a race that if he wins they will give Dub 1 million zeni and let Elizabeth go free, but if Rock and Asatias win they get to keep Peter 1. Both teams race around the outskirts of town through a canyon, but they later go aerial and Rock and Asatias start shooting at Dub with their vehicle, however, Peter 1 pulls out a missile launcher from under it's hood and destroys the duo's vehicle, which makes Dub the winner. Rock and Asatias surrender and gives Dub the money and let Elizabeth go as promised.

Great Saiyaman Saga

Some point later, Rock leaves Pepper Town and moves to Satan City to form the Red Shark Gang, the most powerful gang of thugs and criminals. Rock plots to take over Satan City and change it in his name by kidnapping the mayor in hopes of luring out Mr. Satan in order to kill him. Rock also wants to take Mr. Satan's title as the world's strongest fighter. However, Videl shows up instead to stop Rock and Red Shark Gang's insane plans and rescue the mayor. Rock mocks Videl for being Mr. Satan's daughter and prepares to kill her so he can break Mr. Satan's spirit. The two of them fight and Videl seems to have the upper hand until one of the Gang members start shooting Videl to caught her off-guard so Rock can knock her down. Luckily, Gohan (as Great Saiyaman) shows up to assist to Videl and he defeats the Red Shark Gang easily, while Videl defeats Rock and knocks him out cold. Later, Rock and his Red Shark Gang are arrested and sent to prison for their crimes.


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