Rock Face Mask is the eighteenth of the Black Cross Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.

He is voiced by Eiji Maruyama.


Rock Face Mask is another of Temujin's warriors working in Yonago to retrieve a meteorite buried as pirate treasure for the creation of an anti-gravity device to destroy Japan. After the previous battle with Pirate Mask ended, Rock Face Mask retrieved the meteor before the Gorenger take it away from him, giving it to Aorenger who summons Variblune to take it away; but the power of the meteor forced a crash landing in the water where he is saved by the man who originally was searching for the treasure. But Rock Face Mask ends up killing the treasure hunter while the meteor ends up in the ocean, where it is cracked open by kids and the crystal given to a Phillipino girl who used it as part of a performance which the Masked Monster hired Zolder goons to try and retrieve while Peggy ends up getting the crystal from the other girl.

After the performance, Peggy is ambushed and Rock Face Mask gets the special crystal to hook up to the anti-gravity device. When the Gorenger come together, Shinmei takes his revenge by firing a Cherry Missile to destroy the Anti-Gravity device before it became operational. The Gorenger then use Gorenger Storm to form a hammer to smash at Rock Face Mask, destroying him.

Modus and Arsenal

Rock Face Mask's main weapons are a staff and shield, both of which have various Moai statues placed upon itself. Due to Rock Face Mask's face being made of several Moai, he has the ability to have complete 360 degree vision.


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