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Life first came about four billion years ago, the control towers of life called neurons are cells that bonded and evolved based on the element carbon (c). At the same time, life cells that bonded from silicon (si) were born. And while only few in number and percentage of living cells, the silicon (si) based cells alongside the carbon-type organisms as if hiding next to them. The "creatures" whose bodies that are formed by those cells are "Rock Organisms. Why did a creator give life to these two paths? Most likely, rather than some king of opposing relationship like a shadow for a light or positive and negative, It was the role of a "fallback". Insurance for in case the existence of life itself failed... If the first path of carbon-based life came to a dead-end, it was a fallback. A second path.
~ JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion on Rock Organisms.
Atop the coastal cliffs! There is a rock... Atop some others rocks, Kaato Higashikata... What that rock witnesses... Is only "dreams and memories". Memories of the landscape from those scenic cliffs... Clear skies, rainbows after storms... Mist... The beacons of lighthouses... Migratory birds and gulls... Glehnia plants... Only those dreams remain... "That which remains when it ends"... Defeat or victory mean nothing to that rock on top of those cliffs.
~ Tooru to Kaato Higashikata.

The Rock Organisms (岩生物 Iwa Seibutsu) are a species deceptively similar to normal humans and other lifeforms and major antagonists in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion. Unlike most life on Earth, they have silicon as their primary element instead of carbon. They serve as the primary antagonistic force of the part, mainly through the Locacaca Organization, which they comprise most of the ranks of. There exists multiple groups of Rock Organism, with the known ones being those of the Rock Humans (岩人間 Iwa-Ningen), the Rock Animals (岩動物& Iwa-Dōbutsu), and the Rock Insects (岩昆虫 Iwa-Konchū).

Emerging alongside carbon-based life four billion years ago, they were intended by fate to be a backup in case said carbon life failed. However, the sentient Rock Humans grew to resent their normal counterparts, and thus now seek to shift the order of the world to favor themselves.


Rock Humans

A group of Rock Humans (including Tooru) emerging from their hives to enter society.

Rock Humans are mainly differentiated from their normal counterparts by the fact their biology is based on the element of silicon, instead of the typical carbon. Due to this their true state is that of a human-shaped rock, with a Rock Human learning to shift into a truly human form as they age. In this rock state they gain great resistance to the elements and can easily blend into their surroundings, and even protect objects they are carrying while shifted by forming a "scab" around them which they tear off upon reverting to their human disguise.

This is useful when they sleep, as while they rarely sleep they sleep for thirty-ninety days when they do. They can also enter hibernation this way for up to twenty-five years. Growing is also staggered thanks to this, with a Rock Human "molting" into an older state about every six years after their first molting. On death, a Rock Human leaves no corpse, instead breaking into a pile of rocks indistinguishable from normal stone.

Rock Humans start incredibly small, only twenty-eight millimeters at birth, and have a parasitic relationship with wasps. Rock Humans are abandoned at birth by their mothers at the bases of trees, and as such being picked up by a wasp can mean life or death. If successful at infiltrating a hive, the infant Rock Human will disguise itself using pheromones so it is not perceived as food before rolling towards the queen of the hive and burrowing into it.

The Rock Human stays like this for seventeen years, presumably burrowing into any wasp queen that replaces the old one, before going through their first molting, killing the hive in the process as they become a young adult. For unknown reasons, they somehow learn the laws of nature and the concept of numbers between attaching to a queen and going through their first molting. They also learn of the flow of time and how to work in a group (though not to the degree of true social organisms) via their time in the hive. Following this, Rock Humans can live up to two hundred and forty years, which is about double a carbon human’s maximum lifespan.

Rock Humans typically have antisocial behavior, as their species is not suited to forming the complex social groups normal humans do, as they lack the social drive of their carbon counterparts. However, in modern times Rock Humans often infiltrate human society for personal gain, fitting into the social unit to exploit it for themselves. They also can eat anything humans can, besides mangoes, adding further to their disguise.

Rock Animals/Rock Insects

Unlike their Rock Human counterparts, most Rock Animals and Rock Insects make no effort to disguise themselves as carbon-based life, their anatomy visibly differing from those counterparts. Little is known about either, as they have mostly avoided contact with regular humans, but several have been seen as pets for Rock Humans. Although rare, some Rock Animals can live in harmony with standard humans, as is seen with Iwasuke.

They are shown to have some degree of intangibility, with members of both groups showing the ability to phase through ordinary matter without a Stand that would also allow them to do so. Doremifasolati Do is even shown to be able to phase those riding it alongside itself.


Silicon-based life appeared on Earth at the same time as carbon-based life, but the latter was more numerous and thus won out as the dominant life on Earth. As a result, the silicate Rock Organisms developed unnoticed, becoming a fallback plan in case carbon-based life ever reached a dead end. This eventually resulted in the evolution of Rock Humans alongside the carbon-based humans that would come to shape the world in their image.

These Rock Humans came to hold a special reverence for the Earth and nature, and due to their own nature required no home or land. They instead chose spots of abnormal occurrences, such as those which give people Stands, as their "true homes", eventually causing ninety five percent of their numbers to possess Stands. This "true home" habit is what brought the Rock Humans to Morioh, as the Wall Eyes surrounding the Japanese town were able to give people Stands as well as causing other unnatural phenomena.

As Rock Humans always lived in the shadow of their carbon counterparts, they gained a resentment for them, seeking the domination they held on the world. Causing the favoring of Rock Humans over normal humans would become an objective of the Rock Human majority Locacaca Organization, which sought to use the Locacaca fruit they named themselves after to cause such a dominance shift. Josuke Higashikata and his friends would come to be the opposition to this plot, originally seeking to uncover the mystery of the Locacaca Fruit to stop a family curse but instead uncovering the plans of the Rock Humans of the Organization to bring their species to dominance.


  • The trait of the Rock Organisms turning into stone and hibernating appears to be drawn from the Pillar Men race of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. Both Rock Humans and the Pillar Men share the desire to be the dominant lifeforms of Earth and a rivalry with humanity as well. It is possible to consider the Rock Humans the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run universe equivalent of them in this regard.


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