The Rock Tribe is the group of villains that first introduced as the main antagonistic force in the 2009 storyline of the BIONICLE series and later the supporting antagonists in Journey's End. They are the barbaric, militaristic tribe that hailed from the planet of Spherus Magna as well as one of the elemental tribes. Their goal was to enslave all the Glatorian and Agori and eventually conquer Spherus Magna.


Early Life

The Rock Tribe was first formed following the creation of the six Elemental Lords by the Great Beings as the tribe was comprised of Tuma who later became the leader, the Skrall, Stronius, the Agori Atakus, Bone Hunters, Branar and the Sisters of the Skrall, who were later exiled by the males as the tribe was located in the mountains of the Great Jungle. The Rock Tribe was also commanded by the Elemental Lord of Rock before the Core War.

Soon after the Shattering occured following the end of the Core War, the Rock Tribe was cut off from their homeland and was forced to take up resistance in the city called Roxtus, which was located near the Black Spike Mountains.

List of Members