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The Rock trolls, also known as Hard Rock Trolls, are the main antagonistic faction of DreamWorks thirty-eighth full-length animated feature film Trolls: World Tour. Their leader is Queen Barb, the successor to the former leader King Thrash.

Rachel Bloom as Queen Barb was voiced by Rachel Bloom, King Thrash was voiced by Ozzy Osbourne, Riff was voiced by Karan Soni, Carol was voiced by Marcella Lentz-Pope, and Sid Fret was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


When speaking of the Rock Trolls, King Peppy has trouble describing them in a good light in the trailers.

They are fierce and appear quite frightening compared to other Trolls, both in their appearance and their aggression. They have far less tolerance for other Tribes for some reason and want the world only filled with Rock Trolls and their music. Barb's goal was to cause harmony among the 6 Tribes, simply by uniting them all under 1 genre of music, their music so every Troll looked the same and liked the same things. Her fellow Rock Trolls supported her in this endeavour.

It is implied by how easily the Snack Pack fooled a group of them with outfits that were obviously mismatched to the Hard Rock appearance, as well as their lyrics being incorrect for the Tribes style, that the typical Rock Trolls aren't that intelligent. They are shown in other scenes to be very laid back and even lazy, with a tendency for aggression. However, despite of their limited intelligence and laid back nature they are shown to be the most aggressive of the tribes.

In scenes, the Rock Trolls can also be seen pushing carts when The Snack Pack are sneaking among their ranks. They appear to be somewhat industrious, many of their buildings are made of hard metal, in comparison to other Troll Tribes with some things appearing almost punk-like. Despite this, their also some of the laziest Trolls and are seen just lazing around in scenes at times and barely seem to put much effort in.


The Rock Trolls resemble the Pop trolls the most, though they have much more fierce looks. Their clothing is often tattered, with piercings and heavy black make up can be seen on them. Most of the Rock trolls favor dark colors such as greys, dull blues and blacks, with the occasional grey hair color, they can also have bright red hair. Their noses seem to usually be small and arrowhead-shaped and their ears have a sharper point with the latter characteristic being a defining trait of their tribe.

Their hair itself often sticks straight up like the Pop Trolls hair does, but often the ends fall down giving a wilder look, with many of them having their head styled into spiked peaks. Their skin is similar in color to Branch, though this is purely coincidental as Branch's original color was green. The skin tones of the Rock trolls are muddy colored, for example, Barb's skin is a muddy-red which makes it look purple.



At some point prior to the events of the first movie and then the sequel, the ancestors of the 6 Tribes created 6 Strings for each type of music after one of them made a sound. As their name suggests, the Rock Trolls were centred around Rock music and they held the String of Rock so. However, the Rock Tribe and the other Tribes went on separate ways after having an argument thanks to the Pop Troll elder's selfishness.

Eventually, the Rock Trolls settled in the lands of volcanic molten lava and ash. The Pop Trolls actions had caused the Rock Trolls to remain with a grudge towards them and the Rock Trolls would never forget what the Pop Trolls had done.

At some point, King Thrash, their ruler and the King of Rock, handed over his crown to his daughter Barb and thus she became Queen of Rock just before the events of Trolls World Tour.

Trolls: World Tour

By the time of the sequel, the Rock Trolls had set their eyes on the rest of the Troll Kingdom, with Barb aiming to get all of the strings and uniting the Trolls under one single music: their music, and theirs only. Thus, they begin an event called the "Rock World Tour".

During this time, they gathered all Strings and all Trolls of each Tribe (all done by Queen Barb) and took them to Volcano Rock City and put them in a concert arena. Barb would convert everyone who wasn't a Rock Troll into a Rock Zombie; she almost succeeded in doing so, but her plan backfired thanks to Queen Poppy. The Trolls temporarily lost their music when the Strings were destroyed, but all Trolls, including the Rock Trolls, realized they could draw music now from themselves. The Rock Trolls have currently united with the other Troll Tribes once more as a united nation again.


  • King Thrash gets his own name from Thrash metal, while his daughter Queen Barb draws elements from Punk Rock.
  • At one point the Snack Pack posing as Rock Trolls; these designs are references the Rock'n'Roll era, which is when Rock music split from Pop music. Rock' n' roll was the foundation of Rock itself.


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