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The Rodan are major antagonists of the 2021 anime series Godzilla: Singular Point. They are a flock of Pteranodon-like creatures who join Godzilla in his conquest of world domination. Unlike they’re mainstream counterparts, they travel in flocks (while they’re younger forms are loners). They are also Godzilla's minions (except for a giant demonic one).


The Juvenile Rodans' appearances look like a combination a Quetzalcoatlus and a Pteranodon with razor sharp teeth and a long tail with a Rhamphorhynchus like tail. Their Skin is covered in multiple colors of red, blue and yellow and is covered by a row of fins on their heads and backs. The Adult Rodans are much different than their Juvenile Counterparts being smaller and looking more like Pteranodons. They also have two crests on their heads rather than just simply one. Their Skin are darker with brown and red markings around their bodies. The Giant Demonic Rodan resembles the Adult Rodans but is black and has grey scales. The inside of it's mouth glows yellow.


It’s implied that Rodan manifested along with their master Godzilla in the twelfth century based on a painting in Nigashio. During the Summer Monster Festival, a Juvenile Rodan appeared and perched on a billboard before letting a loud roar that frightens the nearby tourists. The Building, unable stand the monster's weight collapses to the ground sending the Rodan falling to the ground. As it gets back on it's feet, it noticed Yun Arikawa and a child and observes them, before it is stopped by Jet Jaguar. however, the creature overpowers the Mecha before turning it's attention to the citizens before beginning to attack them and destroy many vehicles. Yun by using a wrench, was able to distract the Rodan and it begins chasing him. But just before it can kill him, Goro suddenly appears driving his truck right at Rodan which cause minor damage to the creature which allows Yun to program Jet Jaguar and resume its attack on the Rodan. Instead of fighting, however, The Rodan begins to retreat and begins to screech in pain before it fell dead on the ground.

At some time, Multiple other Juvenile Rodans were found dead at many other locations as well as two captains on a boat, saw a large flock of Adult Rodans began to burst out of sea. Following their emergence from the ocean, the Rodan flock begins attacking multiple coastal cities across Japan. Goro, Yun, and Haberu Kato attempt to lure the flock away using the waves emitted by the Gyro Z and successfully attract a flock of Rodan to the outskirts of town. After a while, The Group crash near a destroyed bus. Goro hides inside the truck alongside a school girl and the driver, while Yun and Haberu hide in an off-road shelter alongside another school girl and two others. As more Rodans surround the bus, Yun cuts some water bottles and has the school girl with him shoot them in the distance with arrows which creates a loud noise to distract the Rodans long enough for him and Haberu to reach the Gyro before they resume luring the Rodans once again.

The two begin to find themselves being chased by the flock. however the Rodan begin to screech in pain before dropping dead just like the first Rodan. The rest of the swarms of Rodans also all died from the way the other swarm did before their bodies were gathered up and either disposed of or were shipped off for research. One of the bodies went missing due to Angurius stealing the body to devour it.

However a second huge flock of Adult Rodans came out the sea as well before they separate to attack the cities around the world. One of these flocks encounter Godzilla in his second form and joined him in his rampage before being killed by the explosion of his flammable ice vapor.

In London, another flock of Adult Rodans target a group of evacuating civilians caught in a traffic jam. While Makita, Mei and Li are trying to help the citizens escape, a Rodan confronts them before it calls the rest of the flock to attack them. Some of the Rodans descend on Li while she was trying to save a pet cat. Mei can only watch in horror as they tear into her flesh and devour her before she ran off to safety.

Godzilla in his third form encountered a giant demonic Rodan, who attempts to attack him, but he killed it with his atomic breath ring. After killing a Manda in his fourth form, A flock of Adult Rodans joined his rampage at Tokyo. A Juvenile Rodan roosted in the bay just as the Otaki Factory group arrived in Tokyo to kill Godzilla. The Rodan spots them and lunges at their boat but was killed off by Jet Jaguar's spear when it stabbed the creature in it's back. At one point, A group of Adult Rodans attacked a group of soldiers but were defeated by Jet Jaguar which caused the remaining surviving ones to retreat. The entire flock soon showed up to stop Jet Jaguar from destroying their master but Jet managed to kill several of them which causes them to call Godzilla for help. Godzilla, who was awoken by the disturbance, proceeded to fire his atomic breath at the robot but accidentally killed his minions instead. It is unknown as to what happened to the rest of the Rodans after Godzilla was defeated. but it's possible they either died or disappeared along with their master.