Shattered Glass Rodimus
"To the victor go the profits."
~ Rodimus (Shattered Glass)

Rodimus is an evil Autobot warrior from the Transformers: Shattered Glass Universe.


Rodimus was once a mercenary who commanded a team of fellow mercenaries known as "The Wreckers". They plundered the resources across Cybertron and preyed upon the weak. While Rodimus always believed in Optimus Prime's vision of conquest, he did not want to be a follower. During the battle of Praxis-Delta, Optimus Prime hired Rodimus' team to bolster his own forces. In the battle, the Decepticons managed to destroy every member of the Wreckers except for Rodimus. Despite the heavy losses, Rodimus wanted to fulfill his contract with Optimus, so he fought on. As a result, the Autobots were able to retreat that day without further casualties. Optimus Prime was impressed with Rodimus' fighting ability and asked him to join the Autobots. Rodimus agreed. He is determined to eventually take leadership for himself and turn the Autobot forces into the largest mercenary group the galaxy has ever seen!

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