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~"I don't want a large Farva. I want a goddamn litter of cola!"

Rodney "Rod" Farva is an antagonist in Super Troopers.  


Farva is the black sheep of the highway cops. He goes out of his way to play cruel jokes on the rookie, Rabbit, while others only haze him in good fun. He was suspended for an altercation with a school bus full of kids and is shown to have a very short temper. After his suspension ends, it resumes almost immediately after Farva assaults a fast food employee for playing a prank on him.

Farva eventually ends up betraying the highway cops by joining their rivals, the Spurbury Police, and by ruining their chances of recognition for a drug bust. After a confrontation, Farva breaks down and admits that he betrayed his friends because he felt unappreciated. A redeemed Farva then helps the highway cops bust the corrupt locals by exposing their role in a drug smuggling ring.

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