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Pronyma! You tricked me!
~ Rodyle

Roydle is one of the Five Grand Cardinals and an antagonist in Tales of Symphonia. He was voiced by Takeshi Aono in Japanese and English Dubbed by Daran Norris.

At some point before the story, Presea's sister, Alicia Combatir left to work for the Byrant family. She had to forge a deal with Rodyle in excchange for enough power to wield her fathers axe and continuing to work in his place. Rodyle performed the experiments without Cruxis knowing and plotted to overthrow Pronyma and became the leader of the Five Grand Cardinals.

Rodyle and Kvar worked together on their experiments, designing both the Mana Cannon and the Angelus Project, even though it is unknown if Kvar knew about Kvars deception. After his death, Rodyle gathered the information stored in the human ranch. He also told Maginus that he wanted the chosen dead rather than making her journey more stressful.

After learning that Rodyle was planning to destroy the Tower of Salvation with the Mana Cannon in order to make himself the ruler of both worlds, Lloyd and Botta's groups infiltrated the Remote Human Ranch. When Rodyle was encountered, he traps the prisioners to keep them from escaping and floods the place, hoping to kill them in the process (Botta and two renegades were killed themselves). He equiped a Cruxis Crystal onto himself and turned into a monster. After his defeat, it turned out that he was tricked by Pronyma and that his body was literally falling apart. He self-destructs the place and died at the controls.


  • Rodyle was considered to be one of the most evil villains in the Tales series.
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