And I suppose you still aim to win this war through magic?
~ Roeder to Schmidt.

Roeder is a minor antagonist in the 2011 Marvel film Captain America: The First Avenger. He is a high-ranking Schutzstaffel officer who served for the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

He was portrayed by Anatole Taubman, who also played Elvis in Quantum of Solace and Anastasius in Pope Joan.


Roeder joined the Nazi Party following the end of World War I, effectively rising himself up to become Colonel General of the Nazi Army and becoming a loyal soldier to Hitler. However, unlike Hitler, Schneider grew doubtful over Red Skull's intention of utilizing HYDRA's weapons with the usage of the Norse gods' magic to bring forth a new world order.

In 1943, Roeder and his two colleagues (Hutter and Schneider) were sent by Hitler to Schmidt's base to question him about the progress in developing advanced weapons for the Nazis. During the tour over the base, Roeder expressed Hitler's loss of faith in Schmidt due to his supposed failure of delivering advanced weapons to the Nazis. A provoked Schmidt showed Roeder and his colleagues his latest weapon: a Tesseract-powered cannon.

Though it would seemed that Roeder and his colleagues are unimpressed by the new weapon, things took a turn for the worst when Hutter learns that Schmidt is targeting many world capitals (including Berlin), realizing that Schmidt and HYDRA have defected from the Nazis. Schmidt then uses his cannon to vaporize Hutter, making a horrified Roeder and Schneider realize that Schmidt isn't bluffing about his advanced weapons. Schmidt then uses his cannon to vaporize Scheneider, cornering Roeder at the door. Screaming out at Schmidt for his betrayal, Roeder is vaporized by Schmidt's cannon, cementing HYDRA's new occupation as a group independent from the Nazis.


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