Do you wanna know what I love about our family? That we're alive! Their are more important things than your pride right now. If you care about us, you should not kill him! You should help him, dad.
~ Roger convincing his father to help save the world.

Roger is one of the two secondary antagonists of the 4th Ice Age sequel, Ice Age: Collision Course. He is a Dakotaraptor who is Gertie's younger brother and Gavin's son, youngest child and henchman.

He was voiced by Max Greenfield.


Roger was the youngest out of the two eggs that were hatched to Gavin and his wife. Despite his reluctance, he helped his family steal other dino-eggs to eat, but were constantly thwarted by Buck the weasel.

When his father announced his plan to stop Buck and his friends from stopping an asteroid from wiping out mammal-kind, Roger was skeptical about their own survival, but went along with it anyway.

When Buck and his friends were on the verge of diverting the asteroid, Roger and his family interfered, with Roger himself pinning the weasel down. But when it became obvious that no-one will survive the upcoming destruction, Roger refused to kill Buck and convinced his father and sister to help prevent it. After doing so, Roger accompanied his family in Peaches' wedding.


Unlike Gavin and Gertie, Roger is caring and reasonable. However, Roger can do villainous acts such as trying to kill Buck and stealing an egg from a triceratops.

Despite being a villain, Roger is not truly evil since he acts nice since he doesn't like doing the wrong thing.


Roger is a Dakotaraptor who has the same appearance as his father and his sister as all three of them have red feathers, orange eyes, blue scales, a white underbelly and a black beak.


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