The Soul Hunter

A quaint lie, pretty fantasy. The soul ends with death, unless we act to preserve it.
~ The Soul Hunter, responding to Dellen

The Rogue Soul Hunter was the main antagonist of the Babylon 5 episode "Soul Hunter".

He was portrayed by the late William Morgan Shepard.


This man was from a race called the Soul Hunters, who made copies of significant peoples' minds as they died, in order to preserve their souls.

At some point during his long life, the Soul Hunter had visited Earth, ostensibly to harvest souls. During his time on Earth he learned English.

After failing to collect the soul of the Minbari leader Dukhat, the Soul Hunter came to feel that waiting for his targets to die naturally was ineffective, as many significant people died far from his reach. As such, this Soul Hunter decided to kill the living under very specific conditions, in order to be sure that they would be preserved. This Soul Hunter went around known space, killing significant people while taking their souls. 

In 2258 the Soul Hunter came to Babylon 5, where he sought to take the Soul of the Minbari ambassador, Delenn. When Delenn first saw him in medbay, she attempted to kill the Soul Hunter with Michael Garibaldi's PPG but was stopped by Sinclair before she could fire the gun. Delenn begged Sinclair to send the Soul Hunter away before he killed someone. Delenn explained that Soul Hunters captured the souls of those they considered worthy, and robbed the next generation of Minbari of their greatest souls - which the Minbari considered a severe affront.

The Soul Hunter kidnapped Delenn and took her to an obscure part of the station. He began draining her blood in order to cause the death of her physical body, while he prepared his machine to transfer Delenn's soul to a soul globe.

Meanwhile a second Soul Hunter arrived and was able to help Jeffrey Sinclair locate where the rouge Soul Hunter was hiding. When Sinclair found them the Soul Hunter attacked Sinclair, yelling that Delenn was Satai, and that she was using Sinclair. Knocked to the ground, Sinclair saw the Soul Hunter's collection was nearby. Opening the bag, a number of the Soul Hunter's victims rose up to confront the Soul Hunter.

Sinclair used the distraction to turn the Soul Hunter's machine back upon the Soul Hunter just as it reached full power. The machine ripped the Soul Hunter's soul out of him and placed it in the globe intended for Delenn.

After Delenn recovered from the blood loss, Sinclair gave her the rouge soul hunter's collection. Taking them to her quarters, Delenn released all the souls that the Soul Hunter had taken over the years, granting them a final release from the physical world.