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Hearken to me, dear Cookies. Upon starlight's glow I will make my appearance to embrace the brightest of jewels.
~ Roguefort Cookie

Roguefort Cookie is a minor playable antagonist in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, being the main antagonist of the first and the third Cookie Detective events. It is an Epic-ranked Cookie released on September 10th, 2019.


Cookie Detective: Solve the Mystery

The first chapter of the event begins with the Walnut Cookie and the player character arriving to Cheesecake Manor, the owner of which planned to host a large party. However, Walnut Cookie suspects something is off, judging by the slight differences on the walls and floors.

The following morning, GingerBrave is found to be knocked out in the kitchen, Walnut Cookie ordering a lockdown on the premises to find the culprit. When a second GingerBright appears late, Roguefort Cookie (who took the guise of Gingerbright), reveals their identity to the heroes, revealing themselves to be the one sending the lenders to Walnut Cookie throughout the investigation, announces their theft of Cheesecake Cookie's prized gem, and vanishes. The heroes precede to chase after the caped criminal.

The second chapter follows the heroes searching for Roguefort Cookie, with no avail on their part. Upon the arrival of more guests to the manor, Walnut Cookie continues the hunt for their thief, suspecting someone helped them get off the island. Upon arriving at the pier, the heroes corner Roguefort Cookie, and despite Cheesecake Cookie's reveal of having a second gem and Roguefort returning the purloined prize, they speeds off on their boat awaiting their next meeting with their rival, Walnut Cookie. She herself swears that on their next meeting, she will at last arrest him for his crimes.

Cookie Detective: The Butter Painting Affair

Roguefort Cookie getting arrested.

The third instalment of the Cookie Detective events begins with Walnut Cookie receiving news of Roguefort's arrest and custody from Chestnut Cookie. It was the lead suspect of the theft of the eponymous masterpiece painting. Almond Cookie, a fellow detective working for Walnut Cookie's office, talks her down, saying that it was all he could say about it. However, Walnut mentions that she has been investigating the case since the beginning, which is the reason why Almond personally requested to be assigned to that case. Walnut asked for the case's details, where Almond asks if she has heard of Butter Pretzel Cookie, a genius painter and illustrious portraitist. Walnut recalls seeing her name before, as she explains that her second grand masterpiece from the Hors D'Oeuvre museum was supposed to be unveiled there. However, the canvas was missing when they removed the cloth. She questions if Roguefort had left a calling card, only for her to find that there were traces of blue cheese mold in the area. Almond denies this, saying these details don't add up as she isn't a careless burglar that leaves obvious traces behind, as she needs to speak to Roguefort. Walnut and Roguefort then have a talk. The former has a hunch that Roguefort isn't the true culprit while requesting all Cookies present to be called in for their individual statements.



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