was once a legendary hero chosen by the crystal who defended the world from the evils that threatened it with his partner, the Mother Dragon. he's the main villain of Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light. 

After his partner died, he became tired of him being the only one to suffer the tribulations of being a hero, he forsook his title and abandoned humans to their fate while he lived a quiet life in the floating town of Spelvia alone with a witch and his golems. When Yunita and Aire asked him to help them undo a witch's pact that turned the people of the town of Horne into stone he refused, but with the help of a witch and the Fountain of Hope they managed to enter his soul where they found a part of Rolan that still wanted to help people but he was afraid to do so because of the risk of losing another friend, they defeat some demons in their soul but that caused all of the evils to leave it and left Rolan's more evil self to take absolute control over his body. Brandt and Jusqua arrive to help Yunita and Aire defeat the new Rolan.


It is later trevealed that Rolan was still controlled by one of Chaos' demons, Lucifer, who fights the heroes after they re-enter Rolan's souls in the second part of the game.

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