I am so... not getting my army.
~ Roland about his affair being discovered by Marianne.

Roland is the main antagonist in Strange Magic.

He was voiced by Sam Palladio.


At the beginning of the film, Roland at first appeared to be excited about his upcoming marriage with Marianne, the future queen of the Fairy Kingdom. However, he was seen kissing another fairy girl behind her back and as a result, Marianne called off the wedding. During the Spring Ball, it was revealed that the real reason for the marriage was so he could rule the forest and more importantly, to be blessed with the King's army. In order to do that, Roland sends an elf named Sunny (who is the best friend and secret admirer of Marianne's sister Dawn) out on an errand to the Dark Forest so that the Sugar Plum Fairy would make up a bottle of love potion.

While Roland planned to use it onto Marianne at an air festival (in order for her to fall in love with him again), The Bog King and his minions crash the party and then abduct Dawn. He grew furious after Sunny's "errand" resulted Marianne into beginning the rescue mission by herself.

Later on, Roland is granted a small army by the King and travels into the dark forest. At the Bog King's throne room, he demanded that The Bog King would hand Marianne and Dawn over in exchange for giving him the love potion. After a brief fight, he signaled, the command to go, and had a few soldiers tear the castle down. In the end, he blows the potion into Marianne's face and hoped to "earn" her love in an instant. However, due to her true feelings for the Bog King, the potion did not take effect. Marianne then punches him in the face, causing Roland to fall off a cliff and get hit with the love potion.

During the credits, Roland, who apparently survived the fall, was seen kissing a bug in a valley after apparently falling in love with it.


Roland has all of the typical traits found in a fairy/human-like stature standing only a few inches tall, with pointed ears and a pair of brown and orange butterfly wings.

He is notably handsome by fairy standards, possessing a muscular physique, strong jawline, flawless skin, light green eyes, and blond hair. He notably wears a shining green and gold armor with leaf-patterns all over his body.


Roland is shown to be utterly an arrogant, self-serving, cruel, duplicitous, mean-spirited, selfish, and an overall toxic fairy who is willing to resort to stoop very low in order for his goals to be met. He is also adulterous, as he is seen cheating on Marianne by kissing another fairy girl on his and Marianne's wedding day.

It was later revealed that he never really loved Marianne, he just wanted to marry her into the throne and to have her father's army. He is very smarmy, often trying to woo over any female (mostly Marianne) with his cocky attitude, to seldom success.

Roland is also quite a coward as he uses fairies to shield himself against Marianne's wrath, sends Sunny on a mission to recover the ingredients needed to make a love potion instead of doing it himself, and hides when the Bog King's forces attack his home.

Powers and Abilities

his wings grant him the power of flight, though he prefers riding on the back of his squirrel. While possessing no magical or supernatural powers, Roland is rather skilled with a sword, as well as commanding his own team of loyal subordinates





  • While the Bog King was thought to be the main antagonist at first, Roland takes on the role, because he had bigger plans than anyone else.


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