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I'm your friend
~ Rolla to Ghost.

Rolla is a character and a drug dealer in the TV series Power. He is also the leader of a gang called the "RSK".

He was portrayed by Darrell Britt-Gibson.


Rolla was one of the many drug dealers who worked with Tommy and Ghost. He was mentored by Ghost in the early years in the drug business. While Ghost and Tommy were looking for the one who hired both Miguel Alvarez and deadly hit woman Pink Sneakers to kill Ghost and his allies, Rolla was framed by drug lord Kanan (who was really behind the assassination), which caused both Tommy (who disliked Rolla) and Ghost to believe it was him behind it all. After being pressured by Tommy to kill him, Ghost paid Rolla a visit during the night of a snow storm. He was killed by Ghost after the latter gave him a chance to come clean, which he refused to do.


After Rolla's death, his gang was taken over by his second in command and cousin, Q-Dubs. It didn't last long as he and his men were killed by Kanan and Tommy during a confrontation as Q-Dubs didn't trust them. While Ghost was in Miami, he had a confrontation with Pink Sneakers (who was stabbed and killed by Dre under Kanan's orders) and found out that it wasn't Rolla who hired her and was behind the hits.

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