Rollodillo is a boss from the video game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is encountered in the mission "Rock and Rollodillo" in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy.


Rollodillo is a large monster with a reptilian face and a mammalian body with thick blue fur. It has round eyes with yellow sclera, red irises, and black pupils. It has a hide made out of rock pieces that covers most of it's body.


Rollodillo mainly attacks by rolling around the planetoid like a boulder and trying to crush Mario. In order to deal damage to Rollodillo, Mario must for it to get dizzy and use the Rock Mario power-up to roll into it's backside. Mario must do this four times in order to defeat it.

The battle against Rollodillo has four different phases; in the first one, Rollodillo will simply try to charge at Mario by running on all fours without changing into his boulder form, which it only starts to do after getting hit once. In the third phase, which starts when Rollodillo is down to it's second-to-last hit point, it will change direction if it fails to hit Mario while rolling. In the fourth and final phase, Rollodillo will try to roll at Mario for a longer time before getting dizzy.


Rollodillo's name is a portmanteau of the words "roll" and "armadillo", referencing it's way of attacking and the fact that it somewhat resembles the latter.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Boss 6 - Rollodillo

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Boss 6 - Rollodillo

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