Roman's Kidnapper (real name: Unknown) is a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned. He is an unnamed enforcer for the Faustin-Rascalov Family.


In GTA IV, he only appears in the mission, Hostile Negotiation. In GTA: TLAD, he only appears in the mission, Roman's Holiday. He orders Johnny Klebitz to kidnap Roman Bellic or else, he'd kill his girlfriend, Ashley Butler. Johnny meets him at an old warehouse in Bohan when he and a black biker named Malc deliver Roman. There, the kidnapper constantly abused and threatened Roman into telling his cousin, Niko Bellic's location. However, Roman wouldn't do it so he was about to kill him. However, Niko rescued Roman from his kidnapper by killing the kidnapper. He also sent a photo to Dimitri Rascalov in order to tell him that his work was "done" and Dimitri sent it to Niko in order to get some sort of message across.


  • He wears various outfits in GTA IV. However, in TLAD, he only wears a tracksuit.
  • He is bald in TLAD but has brown hair in IV. He also has brown eyes in both of his appearances.
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