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I don't know if you can understand a word I'm saying, but you better understand this: You came this close to death today. And if you ever… ever ... come near this place again or tell anybody where we are, you'll wish you had died today.
~ Roman to Roberto.

Roman is one of the main antagonists of Telltale's The Walking Dead: 400 Days.



Before the apocalypse, Roman was a guitarist in a band.

400 Days; Day 220

A woman named Dee, steals supplies from Roman and his group. He and his men searched the cornfield to find the woman and take back the supplies. When Dee, Leland and Bonnie are hiding, Bonnie kills Dee and escaped. If Leland doesn't go with Bonnie, Roman will kill him.

400 Days; Day 236

Roman and his group were reside in the Gil's Pitstop. Also, he feeds two zombies in the pitstop and calls them "watchdog". Roman tells they are useful, they can react to intruders.

Later, Roman found a man who attempts to steal supplies thanks to watchdogs and blindfolded him. Later the group starts a candidate about the man's fate. If Shel agrees about his death, Roman will kill him. If Shel does not agree, the group will spare him, but he will come back, along with his group and kill one of the members of Roman's group.

400 Days; Day 259

One of the members of Roman's group, Stephanie, caught while stealing supplies and Roman locks her in a trailer. Roman goes to Shel and wants to kill her. If Shel does not accept, Roman will kill Stephanie.

All That Remains

After the events of pitstop, Roman separated from his group. He is killed by an unknown person in the river, his corpse found by Clementine.


  • Dee (indirectly)
  • Leland (determinant)
  • Roberto (determined)
  • Stephanie (determined)


  • Though it's not entirely clear who killed Roman, there are implications in Season 2 which suggest that William Carver was the most likely to be responsible.


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