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Roman "The Butcher" Barbieri is one of the supporting antagonists of the 2016 video game Mafia III alongside Ritchie Doucet and Michael Grecco. He is one of Sal Marcano's enforcers, and he runs the Pointe Verdun district of New Bordeaux after Thomas Burke was overthrown from said district.

He was voiced by Joey Diaz.


Roman Barbieri was born in the mid-1910's Chicago. He grew up with his father, who worked with the various crime syndicates in the area, and took young Roman to several of his contacts, showing him the ruthlessness of the life they led and how the world they lived in worked. From a young age, Barbieri was involved in dozens of murders related to Chicago's criminal underworld.

As a legendary Chicago hitman and enforcer, Barbieri was sent to New Bordeaux, Louisiana in 1934 to help Sal Marcano deal with the rest of the Carillo crime family, that Sal himself had taken over and turned into the Marcano crime family. Impressed by Barbieri's ruthlessness, Sal offered him a job as his personal assassin. Barbieri accepted, and was given Roberdeau's Meat Packing as a base of operations. There, he carved out a reputation as a man who would make any enemy of the Marcano's "disappear" by turning them into ground meat, earning him the nickname "The Butcher".

In 1966, Thomas Burke, head of the Irish Mob, had a falling out with the Marcanos over a botched smuggling job. Barbieri was sent by the Marcanos to send a message to Burke. But instead of killing him, Barbieri brought a crowbar to Burke's leg, crippling him. The Marcanos rewarded Barbieri with control over Pointe Verdun. He took over Burke's bootlegging racket, turning it over to Carl Bevers. He also expanded his own operation into extortion and protection rackets, run by Sonny Blue out of Roberdeau's.

Mafia III

In 1968, Burke and his daughter Nicki regrouped their remaining forces, and with the help of Lincoln Clay, they set out to bring down Barbieri.



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