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You thought you could just move on into a spinoff comedy series and leave me behind? Guess again!
~ Roman Torchwick

Roman Torchwick is one of the main antagonists of the American web cartoon RWBY. However, he also appears as a villain in the non-canon comedy spinoff series RWBY Chibi. Here, he is a comedic, incompetent side character who tries to destroy Team RWBY, especially their leader, Ruby Rose.

He is voiced by Gray G. Haddock (English) and Shinichiro Miki (Japanese), who also did the voice of his canon counterpart.


On top of his episode appearances, Roman also appears in one of the transitions, where he shoots the screen with his weapon, Melodic Cudgel.

Season 1

In "Roman's Revenge", Roman and Neopolitan plan on destroying Ruby with a death ray, but was foiled by Zwei, leaving Ruby and her team completely oblivious to their presence. He also breaks the fourth wall by saying "You thought you could just move on into a spinoff comedy series and leave me behind? Guess again!".

In "Cinder Who?", during a fantasy where world peace is achieved, Roman, along with the rest of the villains, are extremely distraught.

In "Security Woes", Roman comes into Team RWBY's room to destroy Ruby, despite her warning everyone that the floor is lava. Roman, like the others, does not listen, and goes into the room to fight her. However, the floor really is lava, and Roman sinks and burns in a comedic fashion.

In "Slip Through Time and Space", Roman and Neo rob a dust store right under Sun and Neptune's noses. They later briefly appear in one of Nora's caffeine-induced hallucinations.

In "The One with a Laugh Track", it is revealed that the whole RWBY Chibi series was "filmed before a live audience" and this time included a laugh track. During this episode, Roman and Neo advertise "Neo's Neo", a brand of Neapolitan ice cream. They state that it is not poisoned, but an offscreen announcer says that it has been deemed a hazard, is probably poisoned, and to eat at your own risk. Afterwards, Roman and the rest of the villains show up for the curtain call.

Season 2

In "Geist Buster", Roman and Neo get a Geist Grimm to help them take down Team RWBY. It first possesses Roman's hat, but he shoos it out and commands it to attack RWBY. It possesses Blake Belladonna's book collection, terrifying Blake, Wiess Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long and eventually dropping a bunk bed on them, pinning them. Roman and Neo watch and cheer as the Geist moves on. Next, the Geist goes and possesses Lie Ren's pancakes, causing them to fly around and land on Ruby. Roman and Neo celebrate, but Nora Valkyrie appears suddenly and eats all of the pancakes (with the Geist still inside), saving the day.

In "Magic Show", he teams up with Cinder Fall, Neo, Emerald Sustrai, Mercury Black, and a Beowolf to play Team RWBY, Zwei, and Jaune in a game of soccer. However, Mercury's boots prove to be too powerful and deflates the ball after the first kick, leaving both the heroes and villains mad at him and disappointed the game is over.


Roman's appearance is a cuter, more simplified ("Chibi") version of his canon appearance. He has long orange hair with long bangs that cover his face, dark green eyes, and black eyeliner.

He wears a bowler hat with a grey feather and a red stripe on it, as well as a red-lined white and grey suit with golden buttons and a grey scarf. He also wears grey gloves and pants, with black shoes.


Unlike his original version which was cunning and deceptive, Roman in RWBY Chibi is over-the-top and extravagant with his villainy. He is openly evil an wants to spread chaos, but feels that he is always stopped by Ruby Rose and Team RWBY. He is a trickster and a criminal, but is also dimwitted and comedic. He works frequently with Neo to build weapons and try to defeat RWBY, but their plans are always in vain.




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