Rome is the main antagonist in the 2006 film The Marine.

He was portrayed by Robert Patrick, who also played the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.


Rome is the leader of a gang of criminals who rob a jewelry store in broad daylight and acquire a stash of diamonds. Rome is connected to a mysterious partner-in-crime whom he promises he will share his profit from the diamonds with, though Rome later cuts his connections with him after deciding to share the profits between his gang alone.

Following the successful robbery, Rome and his gang escape but end up stopping at a gas station in order to refuel. There, they are stopped by two policemen, prompting one of the gang members to shoot one of them and Rome to shoot the other. The murders are witnessed by former United States Marine John Triton and his wife Kate, but before they can do anything, Kate is kidnapped by Rome and Triton is knocked out.

Rome and his gang then make a hasty getaway, but not before destroying the gas station. When Triton regains consciousness, he gives chase in the policemen's car and follows Rome all the way to a lake, where his police car plunges into the water and leads Rome to believe that Triton is dead.

Rome and his gang travel across a swamp on foot in order to avoid detection from the police, with Kate making several unsuccessful attempts to free herself from them. They eventually reach a small lodge where they decide to take shelter for the night, but Triton tracks them there and ends up killing two of the gang members. Triton faces off against Rome and almost ends up being killed, and Rome manages to escape in a car with Kate in hand.

However, Rome soon discovers that the car has a police tracking device and is forced to discard the vehicle in favour of a large truck. Triton manages to leap aboard and furiously grapples with Rome, causing the truck to drive uncontrollably into a warehouse and crash in flames. Triton jumps off just in time and is reunited with Kate, but Rome, still alive but badly burned, appears behind him and tries to strangle him with a chain. Triton manages to grab the chain himself and uses it to break Rome's neck, killing him.

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