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Villain Overview

Haven't you figured it out yet, you dolt?
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) insulting Jack before transforming into his true form.
I'm done letting YOU make ME feel bad! I prefer to feel good, and I'm gonna feel real good when I send you two to a place where you'll never see the light of day ever… again!
~ Romeo before banishing Jesse and his/her friends.
~ Romeo to Jesse, announcing the end of the latter's world.

Romeo, also known as "the Admin", is the main antagonist of Minecraft: Story Mode, serving as an unseen antagonist in Season One and the main antagonist of Season Two.

He is the most powerful and dangerous enemy that Jesse and the gang has ever come across, and an evil powerful human who returned to the world when he heard that a new hero has risen (Jesse) and intending on challenging said hero for his own entertainment. Romeo also disguised himself as an old man named Vos, who was one of Jack's old friends, alongside Sammy. However, at the end of the story, he eventually redeems himself for his past sins after losing his powers. He is also Jesse's former overall archenemy.

In his true form (both as an Admin and as a normal human), his Vos disguise, and his Snowman form, he is voiced by JB Blanc, who also voiced Ryker Grimborn in Dragons: Race to the Edge, Bane from the Arkhamverse and the latter character's adaptation in Batman: The Enemy Within. While disguised as Jesse, he is either voiced by Patton Oswalt or Catherine Taber, depending on the gender the player chooses Jesse to be. In his Jack form, he is voiced by Fred Tatasciore and in his Petra form, he is voiced by Ashley Johnson.


In his true form as an Admin, Romeo is a powerful being with gray skin, and red lines all over his dark gray clothing (it is unknown what these red lines are). His scleras are blazing red, with yellow pupils. His hair is also red and has a long beard.

In his Vos form, he looks exactly like how the real Vos used to. He appears as a caucasian elderly person with white hair and a mustache and beard. He wears a blue outfit with yellow buttons and brown boots.

In his Prismarine Colossus form, Romeo has greenish-gray skin with dark green armor and bright green eyes. He is also around 20-30 blocks tall in this form and appears ancient.

In his snowman form, he has white skin with black eyes, with an ice block for his butt and sticks for his arms. He wears a black hat with a blue bow tie and vest.

In his Jesse form, Romeo appears exactly as whatever the player decides the real Jesse looks like.

In his mutated snowman form, Romeo appears similar to his normal snowman form, only that he has red eyes and a black ice block with red highlights. He wears a red bow tie with a black vest with red highlights.

If he is in his Jack form, Romeo has red hair and a beard with red scleras with yellow pupils. He wears Jack's outfit, only black with red highlights. Romeo also wears an eyepatch in this form if Jesse chose to save Petra in Hero in Residence.

If he is in his Petra form, Romeo has red hair with red scleras with yellow pupils. He wears Petra's outfit, only black with red highlights.

In his Fred form, Romeo looks almost exactly like how Fred used to. He has blue skin with black hair, as well as white scleras with yellow pupils. He wears a teal and dark blue outfit but is also glitching because, at this point, he lost much of his powers at the hands of Jesse.

After losing his powers completely and becoming a normal human again, Romeo is a Caucasian man wearing a gray shirt with blue jeans and red-and-white sneakers. His hair and beard are the same color.


I wonder if he even had a heart at all, or if he was a monster just pretending to play along.
~ Xara (determinately) about Romeo's personality.

Romeo was known to be intelligent, arrogant, manipulative, selfish, and cruel, and was (at several times) shown to be quick to anger. His primary body spoke in an informal and sometimes sassy manner, showing enthusiasm and pride in the challenges he sets up for heroes. However, one of his secondary bodies, in the form of a prismarine colossus, spoke slowly, deliberately, and condescendingly, while another one of his secondary bodies, disguised as a snowman, behaved in a more approachable, lighthearted manner while showing a more jovial side; this was probably to manipulate Jesse and his/her friends.

Going along with this, he also showed flamboyance and showmanship, using his prismarine colossus form to change the time of day to night in order to add some drama to his fight with Jesse at the start of Episode 2, as well as adding fireworks to his "Awesome, Fantastic, Super-Deadly Icy Palace of Despair" and in Beacontown when he is ruling it while disguised as Jesse.

Romeo was very intimidating as well, willing to kill Jesse and his/her friends, despite seeing them for the first time. He was also highly disrespectful, asinine, and crass towards the deaths and tragedies of others, as seen when he used one of his avatars, disguised as a prismarine colossus, to destroy the memorial of Reuben, Jesse's beloved late pet pig.

Worse, Romeo was proven to be sadistic and cruel, clearly not caring if Jesse died in any of his challenges. This is shown when he was seen smiling when he created a more dangerous challenge for Jesse. Even after Jesse completed a challenge, Romeo, in his Snowman form, made an even more dangerous challenge. He kept making more challenges for Jesse to join him and test his/her skills. He was also very rude, obnoxious, and vituperative, as seen when he insulted the group a couple of times, and even insulted Radar/Jack by calling him a "baggage" while at his icy palace.

Much like Hadrian and Mevia from Season 1, Romeo's primary motives for his evil deeds were for his own enjoyment. Similarly, he had no regard for the lives of others and even had fun toying around with said lives. Like Hadrian, Romeo was a hypocrite who criticizes Jesse over his/her friendships, believing said friendships to hold him/her back. However, this trait is more prominent in Romeo.

As Vos, he seemingly cared deeply for his "friends", as seen when he supposedly gets worried for Jack after he gets hit in the eye by one of the statues who are controlled by "the Admin" (determinant). "Vos" also pretended to be cowardly; this is shown when he ran away from battles, most of the time.

When Romeo revealed that he was masquerading as Vos, he was frustrated with Jesse, ranting that he had made his challenge just for him/her, and he/she cheated. He did show interest in Stella, respecting her attitude and willingness to work with him. If Jesse called him a loser, he showed immense anger. Regardless, he stated that he is tired of Jesse making him feel bad and that he will feel good when he sends Jesse and Jack/Petra to a place where they'll "never see the light of day ever again", before banishing them to the Sunshine Institute.

Romeo had no qualms with identity theft, as confirmed when he disguises himself as Jesse, goes to Beacontown and rules it as an oppressive tyrant, thus tarnishing Jesse’s reputation as a hero.

In Below the Bedrock, it was revealed that Romeo "liked toying with the basic order of things", and Xara was furious about what he did to her and Fred, even claiming that before his betrayal, Romeo was just as arrogant and rude as he is now, as he always took credit for Xara's creations just to gain more attention.

However, it turns out that despite everything that Romeo has done (killing, torturing, and oppressing innocent people), Romeo was still redeemable, as proven when it's shown that Fred wrote about Romeo just wanting to keep him and Xara together, and Fred even considered Romeo as a friend. Despite his resentment towards his former friends Xara and Fred, the Cabin where the three once lived together, Romeo not only left it untouched, but preserved it completely, even planting a huge birch tree outside as a memorial for Fred, possibly hinting at him able to be redeemed (birch was Fred's favorite type of wood).

Romeo was wracked with guilt after killing Fred and, as such, spared Xara, imprisoning her instead. If Jesse didn’t give Xara her bed, she confronted Romeo and attacked him, only for him to murder her too, although he will show sadness, obviously upset at his murder of his old friend. After his powers were taken away, Romeo lost his intensive megalomania and eventually redeemed himself in Above and Beyond, the Season 2 finale, even though Xara believed Romeo is completely irredeemable. So, even though Romeo was redeemed, it took the loss of his powers for him to finally realize the error of his ways.

Powers and Abilities

Wait! Do I have this right? Are you telling me that this "Admin" is so powerful he built ALL of this INSTANTLY?
~ Stella being amazed at Romeo's abilities to build things instantly.

Romeo was incredibly powerful, able to build or destroy anything in a short amount of time. He is shown to be able to shape-shift into different people and other creatures, and can also control giant statues in his Sea Temple, as well as virtually any lifeform. He himself implies in his dialogue that he can construct bodies for himself to inhabit. He also possesses the ability to levitate himself and other people.

Other powers of Romeo include electrokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, gravity alteration, the creation of clothing, matter, objects and organisms out of thin air, teleportation, apportation, indestructibility, immortality and super strength. Through electrokinesis, Romeo can strike organisms with red electric shocks and generate torrents of red lightning to attack victims. He can also force the Gauntlet onto victims to gain influence on and control over them. Romeo even has fragmentalism and is able to create avatars for himself, two of which have known to be disguised as a prismarine colossus and a snowman. However, this is very tiring for him.

It is later confirmed by Xara that Romeo actually does have a weakness. An Admin can be stripped of his powers, yet it isn't easy. An Admin's weakness is a special word called "Word of Passage", that will shut down their powers if taken to the "primary terminal". The word to defeat Romeo is #POTATO451 according to Fred's journal. It's later revealed that the actual weapon is a golden gauntlet Fred made, which can take away Romeo's powers if he's being hit by it a couple of times

Romeo also seems to be a skilled actor. This is evidenced by his portrayal of "Vos", when he feigns fear and concern, even outright deeming himself insane (with one of his secondary bodies disguised as a Snowman), and (determinantly) angrily complains that the Admin (himself in one of his secondary bodies) just can't stop putting him in cages.


Fine. But if you get me killed after all this time I'm going to be INCREDIBLY cross.
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) to Jack.
Perhaps… they went away?
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) to Jesse, Petra, Jack, and Nurm.
Now! Please?!
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) begging Jesse to use the Structure Block.
Romeo: Why, hello.
Jesse: Uh, hi.
Romeo: Die now.
~ One of Romeo's secondary bodies (disguised as a prismarine colossus) trying to kill Jesse and his or her friends, despite seeing them for the first time.
I placed every block that you ever stood on, and I promise, I will place the blocks that cover your grave!
~ One of Romeo's avatars (disguised as a prismarine colossus) attacking Jesse.
You are resilient, though sadly… still MORTAL!!!!!
~ Romeo to Jesse, proving himself to be immortal with his powers.
Oh, dear! Is there a leak in here?
~ Romeo sarcastically while attempting to kill Jesse.
Jesse… You thought you could just run away from the Admin!?! [laughs evilly] You've really got my attention now.
~ Romeo at the end of Hero in Residence.
I wish to speak with Jesse, the Gauntlet-bearer.
~ Romeo about Jesse.
I loved what you did with the Wither Storm. Awesome stuff. Ohhh, this is going to be perfect. You've got the knack.
~ Romeo speaking to Jesse about his or her battle with the Wither Storm.
But now… your true test begins. It is time you fight… [smashes into Beacontown] me. Fight me, "champion", unless you would like to see that happen to your entire town.
~ Romeo intimidating Jesse and attacking the Beacontowners.
Well… fought… my… champion.
~ One of Romeo's secondary bodies, the Prismarine Colossus, before it finally dies.
Jesse: The Admin.
Romeo: The one and only! I had so much fun during our last little battle, super epic! Just couldn't stay away.
Jesse: Wait… you're the Admin?
Romeo: That giant
prismarine colossus? [chuckles] Just a construct. Rolled it up for the occasion. Pretty fun, right? I just thought it'd be a little easier to talk like this.
~ Romeo's introduction [in his snowman avatar] while speaking to Jesse, Petra, Jack, and the fake Vos (Romeo himself).
Ah, now, now I can tell you’re… Actually, I can't tell how you're feeling. Anger? Joy? Petite ennui? Help me to help you.
~ Romeo to Jesse if the latter stays silent during his snowman form introduction.
Romeo: See, you four went into my temple, back out alive. Heroes! You're perfect for my creations! Perfect!
Jesse: Where are you going with this?
Romeo: Got a new challenge for ya. You're gonna love it! [changes the time from day to night]
~ Romeo in his Snowman avatar, excited that the new heroes are perfect to test for his deadly challenges.
I'm glad you asked. It's at the tippy top of my awesome, fantastic, super-deadly icy palace of despair.
~ Romeo to Jack, about the Awesome, Fantastic, Super-Deadly Icy Palace of Despair.
No, Never. It's actually perfect, Champion. I can see you all have dreams of greatness. It's… very cute.
~ Romeo insulting the group. (Stella doesn't even know Romeo is being rude.)
Not bad, not bad. You're a fine shot! Almost feels like I made this challenge too easy for you. Oh, wait! Nope! I'm totally messing with you! Time for LEVEL TWO!
~ Romeo creating a more dangerous challenge for Jesse.
Okay, no. No, no, no, no, no. This is all wrong, people. WRONG! You're not supposed to help each other! The losers are supposed to LOSE!
~ Another of Romeo's avatars, the Snowman, making a xenophobic comment on "weaklings".
Like Spectacles over here! There is no way Radar would've fought his way out of that room without you!
~ Romeo referring to Radar (determinant).
Like this guy! There is no way he would have made it out if you weren't giving him the intellectual assist!
~ Romeo referring to Jack (determinant).
You should've just CUT HIM LOOSE! Jettisoned that baggage. Seeing someone like YOU held back by THAT? Ugh! PAINFUL!
~ Romeo yelling at Jesse, and then insulting Radar/Jack by calling him a "baggage".
You don't get it! I'm trying to separate the diamonds from the gravel here! Rubbish, gets, dumped!
~ Romeo (determinately) talking to Jesse.
Let's see how our bucko does on his own, eh? What do you think the chances are without Jesse?
~ Romeo mocking Jesse about how Radar/Jack would survive on their own in his icy palace.
Romeo: Well. This is a little—disappointing.
Jack: Vos.
Romeo: Oh I tried. I really, really did.
Jack: I… how did you get here, Vos?
Romeo: Oh, Jesse. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. I just don't understand you! Letting your friends go?
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) manipulating Jack and mocking Jesse about saving others in need.
Radar? He clearly wasn't supposed to make it, despite you dragging him along.
~ "Vos" to Jesse if the later decided to go with Lukas and Radar.
Jack was supposed to prove himself, but you just coddled him every step of the way.
~ "Vos" to Jesse if the latter decided to go with him, Petra, and Jack.
Romeo: Losers… are supposed to lose, Jesse.
Jack: Vos! Friend! What are you doing? Why are you saying these things?
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) tells Jesse he should let losers lose and die, and Jack's response.
Jesse: Are you seriously buying into all this stuff? Listening to the Admin's craziness?
Romeo: "Buying into it"? You poor soul. I
made it!
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) if Jesse asks him if he's buying into the lies of "the Admin" (himself).
Jesse: You are really freaking me out right now, Vos.
Romeo: Oh, am I?
Jack: Vos! Why are you acting this way?
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) if Jesse tells him he's being freaked out.
Jesse: Hang on. I've heard that before.
Romeo: Of course you have. I've been saying it the whole time, heh. Not… *THIS* body of course, but… [laughs]
Jack: What?
~ Romeo (disguised as Vos) if Jesse is suspicious of the words he said earlier.
Jesse: He's the Admin.
Romeo: Ohh… you are a smart cookie, Jesse. Of course, I am!
Jack: Vos? The whole time?
Romeo: No, not the whole time, you nitwit. The real Vos would've never survived in my sea temple that long.
~ Romeo proving that the real Vos died after revealing himself.
I am disappointed, Jesse. You obviously just don't have what it takes to really be my friend. My partner. Such a pity, such a waste.
~ Romeo to Jesse.
Stella: Ah, oh, excuse me? Mr. Admin? Yoohoo! Uh, those fools might not want to be your partner, but I will!
Romeo: But you… lost.
~ Romeo and Stella if Jesse left her behind in the ice.
Stella: Ah, excuse me, Mr. Admin, sir. I just wanted to say that I would love to be your partner.
Romeo: But you… lost.
Stella: Technically, yes, but unlike them, I actually appreciate what you're offering.
Romeo: You don't say.
~ Romeo and Stella if Jesse chose to thaw her from the ice.
See, she may not have the skills, but that is a terrific attitude.
~ Romeo about Stella if Jesse chose to free her.
You really do have a thing or two you could learn from Stella here. Skill's lacking, but… she's got a terrific attitude.
~ Romeo if Jesse chose to leave Stella earlier.
I gave you so many chances! [lifts Jesse and his or her friends into the air] But, haha, it hasn't been all to waste. No, no. You might not be worthy. [puts gauntlet on Petra/Jack; the gauntlet turns red] Technically here, Petra/Jack here was the winner. Oh, don't get me wrong. There are quite a few flaws that we'll have to get through, but we'll get there… in time.
~ Romeo before banishing either Petra or Jack.
Oh, don't worry about it. It's not for a loser like you to worry about where the cool people go.
~ Romeo insulting Jesse.
~ Romeo if Jesse tried to reason with him.
Jesse: The only loser I see here? Is you.
Romeo:What… WHAT?!!?
~ Romeo if Jesse insulted him, as Jesses rightfully corrects him as the real loser for treating his friends like dirt when they were succeeding fair and square and cheating by pushing them off the game.
I hope you're learning how to become a cooperative champion! You are all here to be reminded of your potential, and I hope you'll see it in yourself, as I do, because if you don't, well… we'll cross that bridge when you come to it, 'ey? In the meantime, demonstrate you're cooperate potential and you just may become the ULTIMATE CHAMPION!!
~ Romeo's recording in the Mush Room about becoming a "champion".
Hello, guests and associates! Admin here with a reminder: helping others will only drag you down. Losers are SUPPOSED to lose! Say it with me now: losers are SUPPOSED to lose! Right! Let this be your watchword. Good day!
~ Another recording of Romeo's about helping others and losers being "supposed" to lose.
The Warden: Ah! Admin! Sir!
Romeo: I'm very disappointed in you, Warden.
The Warden: I'm… I'm, uh… I'm just a nervous eater. I'm sorry.
~ Romeo scolding the Warden.
Oh, for the love of… ENOUGH!!! I'm through letting you disappoint me.
~ Romeo firing the Warden.
And as for you, I've been looking for an opportunity to prove your loyalty, to prove your worth as my champion. [to Petra/Jack] So, unless you want to be added to my naughty list, I suggest you pull out your sword, and attack Jesse. [to Jesse] And for you, Jesse… [creates sword in his hand] don't think I don't believe in fair play. [chuckles sinisterly] Now we'll have some real fun.
~ Romeo forcing Jesse and Petra/Jack to fight each other while also creating a sword in Jesse's hand to see him or her duel his or her friend.
Romeo: [chuckles] You're… you're joking, right? THAT'S your big idea! Swords can't hurt me! [lifts Jesse and Petra/Jack into the air] All I asked you to do is fight your friend to the death, and you can't… even… do… THAT?!? I don't even want you to be my friend anymore. [to Petra/Jack] And I don't want YOU to be my friend either. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, this whole place can BURN TO THE GROUND!!!
The Warden: What about Prisoner X? What about all of us?
Romeo: The Institute remains inescapable, so what do I care? I'm leaving! I'm never thinking about any of you EVER AGAIN! Guess I'll just be my own friend now. Can't dwell on the setbacks, gonna have to keep looking forward!!
~ Romeo faking innocence, throwing a tantrum to Jesse and Petra/Jack, and betraying the Warden.
Romeo: Heh. I'm gonna have LOADS of friends soon! After all… [voice changes] …everyone loves Jesse, right?
Jesse: No.
Radar: No way.
Romeo: [turns to Stella] YOU COMING!?!
~ Romeo disguises himself as Jesse.
Stella is just the beginning. Your other friends will fall in line, too: Lukas, Axel, Olivia, all of them. Don't worry. I'll take "good" care of Beacontown.
~ Romeo (disguised as Jesse) revealing his sinister plans about ruling Beacontown and corrupting Stella and Jesse's friends.
Romeo: I can't let anyone run around disguised as me or my "friends". The amount of chaos they could cause is… well, it's unthinkable. [turns to the bounty hunter, who is Ivor] That's why I summoned you! [tosses the Amulet to Ivor] Track them down. Make sure they're… behaving themselves.
Ivor: [makes smoke]
Romeo: [coughs] Man… oh, geez.
~ Romeo (disguised as Jesse) about his plans while Ivor becomes his bounty hunter.
Welcome, challengers: Xara, Fred, and me, Romeo! Are you ready for the most thrilling, death-defying, heart-pounding challenge you've ever experienced!? Stage 1: BEGIN!
~ One of Romeo's recordings in Romeosburg.
Oooh! WOW! What a showdown, folks! We're having the TIME OF OUR LIVES, aren't we!?!
~ Another Romeo's recording at the challenge.
Congratulations, challengers! Stage 1 of 600 [laughs] COMPLETE! STAGE 2! AAAAND… BEGIN!!
~ Romeo's recording after Stage 1 is completed and Stage 2 starts.
Now, brirr! NOW, prepare yourselves for… [voice changes to low tone] STAGE 600!!!!!
~ Romeo's recording as Stage 600 starts, and the Giant Magma Golem emerges.
I see your smiles… now, now, I'm not a monster. There is a crafting table nearby!!!
~ Another one of Romeo's recordings
Oh! You've done it! Ohhh, YYYEEESSS! The power of our friendship prevailed!
~ Romeo's final recording in the competition after the Giant Magma Golem is killed. (This is possibly his recording for the player becoming a champion, or Romeo cheering because the Giant Magma Golem died.)
There is a key difference between a good friend and a bad one. Good friends do what you ask. They enjoy what you make for them. They never betray you. Jesse is a perfect example of what we call a bad friend. Other bad friends include, in no particular order: Fred, and, Xara. Ultimately, ALL losers who refused to appreciate the gifts that they’ve been given. Now me: I won't stand for ingratitude, so I took my gifts away. Oh, but then, then, just when I thought I'd found a promising new friend… [grunts and sighs] Such a disappointment. That is when I had a brilliant idea, the perfect way to weed out the bad friends from the good, to be appreciated: I became Jesse. I was right, of course. The plan worked IMMEDIATELY!!! Jesse's good friends flocked to me: the better Jesse!
~ Romeo starting his opening monologue in Above and Beyond.
And now poor Jesse is dead, having never learned his/her lesson.
~ Romeo talking about Jesse supposedly dying in his monologue, if Jesse had Ivor tell Romeo he or she died.
And now Jesse is trapped underground forever, one more ungrateful loser buried away.
~ Romeo, talking about Jesse supposedly remaining trapped in the Sunshine Institute, if Jesse had Ivor tell Romeo he or she is still trapped.
The saddest part of all, really, is that Jesse will never get to see how much better I've made Beacontown. [evil laughter] Oh, yes! [cackles evilly]
~ Romeo finishing his monologue.
Olivia: Why exactly are we having a festival devoted solely to you?
Axel: Do we really have to go up on stage in front of everyone?
Romeo: Enough! You two are going to need to do a lot less talking and a lot more agreeing if you want to be a part of Beacontown!
Olivia: I'm not so sure, actually. In fact, we were just about to head home.
Romeo: I'd be very careful if I were you guys, or there might not be a home to go back to at all! It's just so easy for something bad happens to a town! Like Champion City for example…
~ Romeo (disguised as Jesse) threatening to destroy Boom Town and Redstonia if Axel and Olivia leave Beacontown, about to use Champion City as their example.
Romeo: And boop! [explodes Champion City with Stella, Axel, and Olivia watching in horror]
Stella: My… no!
Romeo: Now… how about you run along and get the fireworks show ready for the big keynote, eh?
Stella: [in fear] Yes, Admin… Jesse.
Romeo: What!?! You were so worried about Champion City and now, one less thing to worry about.
Stella: My friends and… my people, they're… gone.
~ Romeo (dependently on the player's choice) destroys Champion City.
Stella: Wait! What are you…
Xara: [shoots arrows as Romeo dodges them] PUT THAT HAND DOWN, ROMEO!
Romeo: Xar… eh… I mean… do I know you?
Xara: Don't play dumb with me, Romeo! Whatever "Jesse," told you, IT'S ALL A LIE!
Romeo: No, no, no, no, I'm afraid that's where you stop talking!
Xara: [charges at Romeo with a diamond sword, but he suffocates her to death in the air]
Romeo: Goodbye, old friend. [turns toward Axel and Oivia] I think I've proven my point. You WILL stay in Beacontown and you WILL continue to be my friends. Got it?!?
Olivia: You… you…
Romeo: Don't answer. I know you do. Now, we have a festival to prepare for. Speaking of, Stella, you're going to have my fireworks display ready, yes?
Stella: Yes, Admin… Jesse.
Romeo: [looks at Xara's remains] Oh, Xara. How I wish it didn't have to end that way. [turns to one of his golems] Get over here, you iron simpleton! This was YOUR fault, you hear? If you were any good in your job, you wouldn't have allowed someone like HER in here! Because of YOUR incompetence, I had to go… had to go and do that!
~ Romeo (dependently on the player's choice) about to destroy Champion City. However, Xara appears in the scene, and he kills her instead.
Callou calley, Jesse. Remember when we first met? [chuckles] Oh. That was when we thought we could still be friends. This temple, this challenge, was my FIRST gift to you. Now, [becomes bigger and voice changes] it's going to be where I bury you.
~ Romeo intimidating Jesse and harassing him/her.
Romeo: Running out of platform, Jesse! Nowhere to run! [sees that Jesse is unharmed] Unbelievable!
Jesse: I can still use the gauntlet!
~ Romeo attacking Jesse once more.
Romeo: This is impossible. No one… gets… TO MAKE ME SMALL! [realizes he lost his ability to change size] I can't… Why do I feel so…
Jesse: Powerless?
~ Romeo after Jesse took away his ability to change size.
I certainly hope you're enjoying this trip down memory lane as much as I am!
~ Romeo before doing another showdown with Jesse.
I'd rather DIE than let you BEAT ME! I am gonna destroy you… ALL OF YOU!!! ONCE I GET MY HANDS BACK ON THAT GAUNTLET!!! GIVE… IT… HERE!!!
~ Romeo trying to take the Golden Gauntlet from Jesse.
Go on, leave me. I deserve to stay in this oblivion.
~ Romeo telling Jesse to leave him behind to die out of immense regret for his past actions.
I… thank you. Sincerely. I hardly believe I deserve to be here at all anymore. I do know what I need to to make up for my crimes, though. I'm going to return to the Underneath, try to help all the people I left behind, fix all the lives I've ruined.
~ Romeo reveals his new plan to Jesse, Petra, Jack, and Radar, if Jesse rescued Romeo from Terminal Space.
And I'm gonna try and find Xara. See if I can't make things right between us. It doesn't make up for what I… what I did to Fred. But if I can heal things with Xara… there's something at least. And… and no more… Admin powers. Everything I do now will just be–the normal way. Hope I can still remember how the normal way even works.
~ Romeo if he was rescued and Xara was given her bed; she might be still alive.
It can't even begin to make up for…what I did to Xara. I can't believe I did that, uh, I didn't mean… I–I mean it shouldn't have… It's like–It's like it wasn't even me. I–I can't explain it, and I know… no excuses will make up for it.
~ Romeo if he was rescued and Xara wasn't given her bed; she was murdered by Romeo.


  • Romeo was the only dark lord in Minecraft: Story Mode. This is because he was the only one in the game who lives in his own realm, and seeked to corrupt the world that Jesse lives in. He is also much more powerful than the rest of the villains in the game. However, despite being the Dark Lord, he was never referred to as a dark lord; instead, he was called "the Admin".
  • It's possible that Romeo grabbing all the power for himself resulted in him having glowing eyes and body in his Admin form.
  • Romeo is the third antagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode to have an antagonistic role in more than one episode, the first two being the Wither Storm and Ivor.
  • It turns out Romeo disguised himself as a snowman and a prismarine colossus. Even though in the first scene the Snowman appears, he is talking to Jesse, Petra, Nurm, and the fake Vos (Romeo). Also, if Jesse chooses to go with Lukas, the fake Vos (who is Romeo) and the Snowman can both be seen in the same scene. It can be explained Romeo himself was disguised as Vos while his avatars were disguised as a prismarine colossus and a snowman, ultimately making Romeo fragmental.
    • Romeo being a fragmental being is hinted further where there are even parts saying “The Admin will remember that,” and “You've challenged the Admin.” This is obviously talking about Romeo because one of his aliases is "the Admin".
    • Despite this, Romeo creating multiple avatars for himself is very tiring. This is why his primary body, the "Vos" disguise, was not around during the fight with one of his avatars, disguised as a Prismarine Colossus form, and why his other avatar, the Snowman, only appeared at key moments.
    • It is interesting, though, that his Snowman form did not merge with Vos to reveal "the Admin". Romeo likely did this right after Giant Consequences, and it could be because he did not want Jesse to know he is fragmental, possibly because he didn't want Jesse to be more aware of him.
  • It's possible that Romeo, Xara, and Fred's powers were the result of science experiments, but this is yet to be confirmed, as the three could've been born with their powers (though it's also possible that it's the result of both). There is no evidence of this whatsoever.
  • Romeo's origins have been revealed in Episode 4 of Season 2, Below the Bedrock, where the plotline states, “After narrowly escaping from the Admin’s twisted prison, Jesse and the remaining fugitives discover not just a forgotten city but an entire hidden world buried beneath the bedrock. Though largely in ruin, the gang quickly learns it’s not entirely abandoned, leaving them to win over wary inhabitants, face unexpected challenges, and pursue the real truth about the Admin’s origins…” This is because "the Admin" is Romeo; this is also the episode which revealed Xara's origins as well since she was also an Admin.
  • It is unclear why Romeo chose to disguise himself as Vos, and not Sammy.
  • Vos is not Romeo's true identity, as the real Vos, who was one of Jack's best friends, died in the Sea Temple. Romeo also confirms this when he states that the real Vos would never have survived in the Sea Temple for so long. He also complains that he had to waste so much time looking like "that crusty old adventurer", who was Vos.
  • Despite Vos not being Romeo's true identity, they both share the same voice actor: J.B. Blanc.
  • Interestingly, at the end of Episode 2, even after Romeo reveals that he had been masquerading as Vos, his newly revealed appearance still bore similar hair features to the real Vos. His voice also sounded similar to Vos'.
  • Romeo serves as Jesse's archenemy in the game because he had more screen time than the other villains (including the Wither Storm), and he is what causes Jesse's adventure in Season 2. Although the Wither Storm ultimately led to Jesse's adventures, it wasn't as villainous as Romeo. Unlike Romeo, the Wither Storm had no moral agency.
  • Despite Romeo's near-infinite power, he doesn't seem to be able to read the minds of others (at least, in his Snow Golem form), as evidenced by his quote if Jesse stays silent and stares angrily during the introduction of his snowman form: “Ah, now, now I can tell you're… Actually, I can’t tell how you're feeling. Anger? Joy? Petite ennui? Help me to help you.”
  • Romeo appears in about 10 forms throughout the entirety of Season 2.
  • Romeo serves as a dark counterpart of Petra. He serves as an example of what she would've become if she let her resentment and insecurity of being alone consume her.

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