Urr, trousers.
~ Rommel's famous quote.
~ Rommel whenever he sees Dargis's trousers.
Here, kitty, kitty.
~ Rommel hunting down Garfield, whom he mistakes for Prince.

Rommel is the secondary antagonist of the 2006 film Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, a sequel to the 2004 film Garfield: The Movie.

He is a vicious and aggressive Rottweiler who was initially owned by Lord Dargis and ordered to kill the Prince. While he may have been trying to complete this task, the animals offered him Dargis' trousers and convinced Rommel not kill the Prince to switch his target. Thus, he redeems himself and no longer serves as Dargis' pet.

He was voiced by Vinnie Jones, who also played Juggernaut in X-Men: The Last Stand, Sebastian Moran in Elementary, Drake in Escape Plan and Danny Brickwell in Arrow.


Rommel was a Rottweiler owned by Lord Dargis, who wanted his dog to kill the prince, and tested this by giving him the Prince's favorite pillow. Rommel proceeded to aggressively destroy the pillow by ripping it to shreds, much to Dargis' joy.

Rommel was later confronted by the Official Feline Protection and played tug-o'-war with Winston, using Dargis' new trousers. Having become obsessed with trousers, he attacked his owner for his trousers while he was talking to Abbey Westminster on the phone.

Afterward, Rommel was encouraged by Dargis to destroy a painting of the Prince with meat, and the Rottweiler obeyed. Smithee witnessed Rommel destroying the painting, and Dargis sent him on holiday.

Rommel was later seen chasing Daris for his trousers, stopping him from killing Prince and Garfield.


Rommel is shown to be a violent Rottweiler, specifically trained by Dargis to attack and kill the Prince. Whenever he was set onto the cat, he would chase him across the castle area to kill him when he mistakes Garfield for Prince. He also has a savage temper when Garfield taunted him to get his attention. However, he has also shown to be incompetent, due to being only trained for the purpose of killing Prince. Upon being given a taste of Dargis' trousers, he would quickly turn on his former master and attack him. His obsessions with Dargis' trousers caused his master to wear armor to prevent him from being attacked.




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