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The Romulan Star Empire is a xenophobic and expansionist interstellar regime formed by the Romulan race who have appeared as frequent antagonists in the Star Trek franchise.


The Romulan Empire originated during the Time of Awakening from the Vulcans who rejected Surak's teachings of peace and instead left their homeworld to emigrate somewhere else. They eventually settled on the planets of Romulus and Remus, subjugating the natives of the latter planet, the Remans.

Following the supernova of the Romulan sun in 2387 which resulted in the destruction of the homeworlds, the Romulan Empire collapsed. A Romulan Free State arose to partially replace the Empire. Additionally the Romulan Rebirth Movement worked to reestablish the Romulan Empire.


The Romulan Star Empire is ruled by the Romulan Senate comprised of senators each representing a province within the empire. The Senate is led by the Praetor, who also oversees the Continuing Committee, which is comprised of other high-ranking officials within the empire. Serving directly below the Praetor is the Proconsul, who acts the second most powerful official in the Senate behind the Praetor.



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