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Romulus is a villain in the Marvel Comics universe and an enemy of Wolverine. As the founder of Weapon X he can be considered the main antagonist of the Wolverine franchise as a whole.


Little is really known of Romulus’s origin’s. Although, it's believed that Romulus is the first specimen of "Lupus Sapiens", which is an old species of beings that have evolved from wolves instead of apes. He has been alive for thousands of years and has been seen in Wolverines dreams fighting prehistoric men and as an Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Nick Fury also revealed to Wolverine that Romulus has been manipulating Wolverine's family bloodline for centuries.

He was also the one responsible for taking Daken, Wolverine's son from his dead mother's womb and raised him to become a ruthless killer. He's also the one responsible for lying to Daken that Wolverine killed his mother.

He is also the brother of Romula who is also one of Wolverine's love interests and is also the founder of the Weapon X program and many other like Omega Red, Cyber, and Sabretooth. Of course Romulus is not exactly a reliable source for Information as his sister notes that he lies about a few things

Powers and Abilities

Romulus has superhuman,Strength,Speed,and Stamina as well as a healing factor and claws just like Wolverine.

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