Alright. Okay. But next time, it's the firing squad. I don't care who she is. CLEAR THE SQUARE! YOU'RE ALL UNDER CURFEW! ANYONE OUT AFTER DARK WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT! Get'em outta here.
~ Romulus to Haymitch, after Haymitch convinced him to spare both Katniss' and Gale's life.
Let's get to work.
~ Commander Romulus Thread

Commander Romulus Thread is a minor antagonist from Catching Fire, the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy, as well as in the movie with the same name. He is the brutal and sadistic Head Peacekeeper of District 12.

He was portrayed by Patrick St. Esprit in the film.


After Katniss accidentally causes uprisings against the Capitol in Districts, President Coriolanus Snow decides to silence her. He sends Romulus Thread to District 12 where Katniss lives. Cray, its current Head Peacekeeper, greets Thread when he arrives. However, he is immediately arrested and replaced by Thread.

Thread who is more brutal and vindictive than Cray and blindly loyal and dedicated to the Capitol, starts keeping and changing laws strictly, destroying everything Katniss likes.

He begins with Gale Hawthorne who comes to Cray's house to sell him a wild turkey he poached, only to find new the new Head Peacekeeper there. In opposite of the past when the Peacekeepers turned a blind eye to this illegal poaching since they were his best customers, Thread has no mercy with the young boy. In the film, Gale is arrested for attacking Thread. Gale is then publicly whipped by Thread at least 40 times. Darius, another Peacekeeper, tries to intervene after about 20 lashes by grabbing Thread's arm, only to be struck in the head by Thread, knocking him unconscious. When Katniss sees it, she steps in to stop Thread, but he gives her a lash across the face and then even points a gun to her. Eventually the people of District 12 convince Thread to stop whipping severely hurt Gale.

Although Katniss and Gale denies it, Thread suspects they illegally hunt animals in the woods around the District 12. He waits until Katniss leaves to poach and then electrify the fences around the District, trapping her inside. When she manages to return home surprisingly, she find Peacekeepers sent by Thread to deliver a message: the fences will now be electrified 24/7.

Thread then burns down the Hob where Katniss used to sell animals she hunted. He also brings torture devices to District 12.

It is unknown what happens to Thread after the 75th Hunger Games. He is probably sent back to the Capitol before they bomb the District 12, and after the rebellion, he is likely executed by the rebels.

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