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The Romun Empire is a recurring antagonistic force from the Ys series. With it's capital in the city of Romn, the Empire rules a large portion of the continent of Eresia, where most of the series take place, extending it's influence through the Medo Sea and the continent of Afroca. Even so, the Romun Empire seeks to further extend it's territory, which has led it into conflict with the neighboring provinces, especially the Kingdom of Altago.

While the Romun Empire is never evil in itself, the Emperor gives the various commanders autonomy to do as they please with the Empire's resources. Most of the higher ranked members are military commanders or monarchs, many of which only use the Empire as a means to further their own agendas.

Known members

Wanderers from Ys / Oath in Felghana

Mask of the Sun / Dawn of Ys / Memories of Celceta

Ark of Napishtim


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