Romy is a villainous member of the Rebel Army serving under Abigail and Dion and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops


Romy was sent to check up on the progress of the Blaze Brigade in their battle against the Ptolemaic Army. Upon arriving, Romy expresses her disappointment to the Blaze Brigade's commander Grazia for her incompetence, such as not been able to break through the enemy lines despite having numerical superiority. Grazia responds by blaming the Ptolemaic's Gigant. Not persuaded by Grazia's explanation, Romy states she will destroy it within five minutes.

Romy and her men go out to confront the Gigant and destroy it within the Romy said she would. Upon Romy's return, Grazia is so shocked by the ACE soldier outperforming her that Loretta and Norah have to take her away to reassure and praise her.


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