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Ron Fox is the main antagonist in the 2008 film, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

He is an obsessive and extremely racist Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, and sends Harold and Kumar to Guantanamo Bay, thinking North Korea and Al-Qaeda have joined forces. When the duo escape, Fox goes into hunting them down, using brutally racist methods to achieve his goals.

He was portrayed by Rob Corddry, who has also portrayed the Squirrel Wizard in Robot Chicken and Mr. Walt House in Rapture-Palooza.


Fox accuses Harold and Kumar of being part of a "joint North Korea-al-Qaeda" operation. He later interrogates Rosenberg and Goldstein, the Jewish neighbors of the duo (in which he anti-Semitically drops coins to get them to speak as well as wipes his buttocks on a copy of the 5th Amendment when they plead the 5th) as well as Harold and Kumar's parents (in which his translator declares Harold’s parents to speak a "dialect" despite them living in America for over forty years). Colton Graham, the fiancé of Vanessa, turned in Harold and Kumar to Ron Fox out of spite when Graham suspected Kumar was going to steal Vanessa from him. Ron Fox was intent on sending them back to G-Bay. Harold and Kumar beat up and overpower Ron Fox's 2 henchmen with bear mace and many physical punches and blows. However, Fox notices them trying to escape with a parachute but Beacher knocks him down. Beacher then trips on the chocolate balls that Fox spilled all over the ground and opens an airplane hatch that sends everyone falling out. After falling out of the plane, Fox tries to shoot at them, and falls to his death cursing at Harold and Kumar.

President George W. Bush then pardoned Harold and Kumar's terrorist records that Ron Fox placed on them, as he realized that the two were innocent and Bush quickly befriended the two, seeing as they gave him positive advice on marijuana and standing up to his overly controlling dad (George H.W. Bush).


Fox represented the worst of authority, as not only was he racist, violent, and ill-tempered, but he was completely unprofessional and incompetent in every aspect of his job. He would often make the worst assumptions of people based entirely on their race or background, and lead to disastrous results throughout the film. Yet, it was us idiocy that did most of the damage, as he never once questioned many of the actions or assumptions he made, and at time sit seemed like Fox was meant to be a parody of how people viewed racists at the time of the film's release.


  • Fox was portrayed by Rob Corddry in his first villainous role. Corddry is often cast as characters who have no common sense, and Ron Fox is definitely one of these.
  • Fox's last name could be a reference to Fox News, which is a news channel that has been known to follow a right-wing bias and Fox himself is extremely conservative.
  • Fox implied to Rosenberg and Goldstein that he doesn't wipe his own buttocks.


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