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Ronald Taylor is an antagonist in the video game Mass Effect 2. He is the father of Jacob Taylor, who saw his father as a role model. However, while serving on the ship Hugo Gernsback, Ronald disappeared, and was never heard from again. Though saddened by his father's absence, Jacob was eventually able to move on, and as he put it "buried everything except the body".

As it turned out, The Hugo Gernsback crash-landed on the planet 2175 Aeia. Ronald Taylor became the new acting captain following the death of his predecessor. Unfortunately, Ronald was left in a bad situation, as among other things the food on the island was toxic and nothing the crew did could purify it. Realizing that any who ate the toxic food would go insane, Ronald and the other officers decided to reserve the food rations on the ship for themselves, forcing the other crewmen to eat the planet's toxic food. Unsurprisingly, many of the crew members rioted in response, forcing Ronald to become a psuedo-dictator over the surviving crew.  When his fellow officers also became rebellious and/or outlived their usefulness, Ronald killed them as well. 

Eventually after a time The Hugo Gernsback's crew developed a means by which to send a distress call for help, but Ronald deliberately chose not to do this, as he very quickly found that he enjoyed being in a depraved sexual fantasy and position of power. So it was that he did not send out a distress call until the surviving crewmen eventually became so feral and violent that he could no longer control them. The distress call he sent out was intercepted by none other than his son Jacob Taylor, who unknowingly first learned of it from his Cerberus colleague Miranda Lawson.

Jacob, alongside his new commanding officer Shepard, went to 2175 Aeia where they learned of what had transpired. A horrified and disgusted Jacob promptly disowned his father and showed nothing but contempt for him afterwards. Ronald's ultimate fate is up to Shepard. Paragon players will advocate bringing in the Alliance to place him under arrest, so that he can stand trial for his crimes. Neutral players will go for "poetic justice" and leave Ronald at the mercy of his now utterly feral crew (who waste no time killing him), and finally Renegade players will convince Jacob to kill his own father, in which case Jacob won't kill him himself, but instead give him a half-charged pistol with which Ronald uses to shoot himself. No matter what decision is made, Jacob will refuse to even acknowledge his father as the man he once knew and loved.


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