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Ronald: Δεν μου αρέσει να σας λέω αυτό, αλλά είστε πιο έξυπνοι. (In English: I do not like telling you this, but you are smarter.)
Elizabeth: Oh, do stop the Greek lessons. You know I can never understand a word of that gibberish.
Ronald: Too bad. I was commenting on your intelligence.
Elizabeth: Then I'm very glad I didn't understand it.
~ Ronald and Elizabeth after capturing Benji.

Ronald and Elizabeth are the secondary antagonists of Joe Camp's 1977 movie For the Love of Benji. They are a pair of international spies who want to kidnap Benji at any cost.

Ronald was portrayed by Peter Bowles, and Elizabeth was portrayed by Bridget Armstrong.


After Benji and Tiffany have missed the flight to Athens, a worker invadrently lets Benji escape. Ronald enters the baggage room and the worker warns Ronald to close the door, to no avail. Benji escapes and the couple and the worker chase him through the airport. This results in the couple getting caught by one of the guards. After Benji steals a string of sausages, Ronald and Elizabeth make a short appearance as they notice Benji, but continue driving as they search for him.

The next day, Benji returns to the marketplace, but the police capture him. Ronald and Elizabeth claim Benji and take him to their home. Stelios comes and tries to claim Benji, but Elizabeth stalls him and sends him away. Soon, Mary comes to the house in search of Benji and the dog hears her voice from upstairs. As she leaves, Benji barks at Mary from the window, but a passing truck drowns out the sound. Ronald catches him in the act and tries to catch him, but Benji escapes and chases after the taxi with Chandler Dietrich following him.

The next day, Chandler takes Benji to a yacht, where the couple are waiting. When the couple accuse the impostor of trying to double-cross them, he knocks them unconscious.


  • According to Peter Bowles' memoirs, Bridget Armstong was only cast because the original actress was fired due to her objection to the animal trainer methods.


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