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You know I am truly amazed. Your son could have called an ambulance, but he didn't! He let my son die! And you somehow think that it is okay to wonder in here on the day we lay him to rest, and insult me with some pathetic speech about your baby dying!?
~ Ronan disregarding Michelle's pleas to spare her son Ryan and vows revenge on them for their alleged involvement in the death of his own son Cormac.

Ronan Truman is a major antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2017 and a major antagonist in 2018.

Since his introduction, Ronan is a drug lord and the father of dealer Cormac Truman who seeks revenge against the latter's old acquaintance Ryan Connor and his family over the circumstances behind Cormac's death. Ronan's revenge against the Connors ultimately leads to his own death when he gets critically injured in a car accident before getting killed-off by Ryan's half-brother Ali Nielson.

He was portrayed by Colin Tierney in 2017 and later by Alan McKenna in 2018.


Ronan Truman was a notorious drug lord who operated his criminal empire in Weatherfield and was also the father of dealer Cormac Truman.

In 2017, Ronan was mentioned by to Weatherfield lawyer Adam Barlow when the latter made contact with Ronan's solicitor Bernard Walmsley about Ronan's history of getting detained for his criminal activities. Adam soon attempted to secure a business deal with Ronan by meeting up with Bernard's receptionist Trina Robson about the finalization of his plans. Despite being aware of Ronan's dangerous reputation, Adam was adamant on securing the deal since he has gotten into drugs ever since his old friend Rosie Webster smuggled them in the country on behalf of her ex-boyfriend Antoine Reese.

At somepoint, Adam slept with Trina as his plans look set to be completed. He later planned to meet up with Ronan to propose his deal with him, but was shocked to find Trina at his house. Adam soon realizes that Trina is actually Ronan's girlfriend, and started to fear repercussions over their affair. Ronan soon questioned Trina about her closeness with Adam, but she claimed that he was an old friend of her unnamed brother. Ronan later took up Adam's offer by requesting that he make the exchange on Class A drugs. Adam barely succeeded despite being delayed by his adoptive aunt Tracy Barlow and her daughter Amy, although Ronan began to grow skeptical of his potential.

When Ronan realizes that Adam had slept with Trina behind his back, he follows him back to Weatherfield at The Rovers Return Inn public house and threatens to harm him and his family if Adam doesn't return the money he received from the drug exchange. Adam agreed to Ronan's terms, but failed to deliver them after Adam's father Ken Barlow discovered his drug money and ended up burning them - before lecturing Adam on the way how he is becoming just like his late father and Ken's old archenemy, Mike Baldwin, in the past. Consequently, Adam was forced to tell Ronan that he did not have the money and Ronan retaliated by having Adam beaten up. This could have later been a motive for Adam against Ken when the latter gets hospitalized, and Adam gets implicated in the crime alongside Tracy and her brother Peter Barlow - who along with Peter's son Simon Barlow and Amy herself each believe that Adam is the attacker until Ken's other son Daniel Osbourne reveals himself to be the assailant.

In 2018, Ronan reappears and approaches Adam with a request - to grant Cormac a job at his solicitors office. Adam is forced to agree and portray Cormac's good character to old business partner Michelle Conner about this. When Michelle's son Ryan encounters Cormac, they turn out to be old acquaintances who previously got involved with drugs. The pair later went for a night out. When they returned back to Ryan's home, however, Cormac suddenly overdosed on drugs and Ryan was so shocked to see this that he didn't call an ambulance under the circumstances; Ryan's half-brother Ali Nielson arrived in that moment and attempted to revive Cormac, but it was too late as Cormac had died and was declared dead by the arriving paramedics.

Following Cormac's death, Ali blamed Ryan for not calling an ambulance in the resulting outcome - even when Ryan stated that he didn't know what to do as he didn't want Cormac to go back into prison for supposedly getting involved with Ronan's drug dealing empire. When Michelle and her husband Robert Preston learned exactly how Cormac died, they convince Ali to help cover-up Ryan's involvement in the incident in order to avoid facing retribution from Ronan. This initially worked when Ryan approached Rosie's sister Sophie for an alibi. However, when Sophie's girlfriend and fellow solicitor Paula Martin learned about Cormac's death, she convinced Sophie to change her statement to the police - revealing herself that she knew Ronan in the past and his dangerous nature. That same day, Ronan visited the Connors to see where his son died and thanked them for trying to save Cormac as well as giving him a job.

On the day of Cormac's funeral, however, Ronan learned about Ryan's involvement in Cormac's death and sought revenge against him and his family. Michelle soon visited Roman to try and appeal to his better nature, but he swore revenge against the Connors for his son's death. When Ryan gets arrested after the police discover his possession of Cormac's drugs, Ronan arranged for Ryan to get beaten up by one of his henchmen - disguised as a police guard - in prison. Following Ryan's release, Michelle attempted to leave with him and Ali out of the country to start anew. But Ronan caught up with them in pursuit and drove straight at Ryan, hitting him on impact. Michelle then dared Ronan to hit her, which he contemplated on doing until Michelle's neighbour and Simon's mother Leanne Battersby arrived to rescue her. Ronan unwittingly rammed into Leanne before attempting to escape, but ended up crashing his car into a tree containing wires.

As Michelle tended to both Ryan's aid and Leanne's condition, Ali rushed over to Ronan to check and see if he was still alive. Ronan is barely still alive, but is bleeding profusely and critically injured from the impact of his car crash. He attempts to use his handgun to response, but Ali snatches away from him and begins to rant at Ronan over how his drug-dealing business is what led to his own son's death in the first place - thus meaning that Ryan isn't primarily responsible for what happened to Cormac and nor was Ronan's revenge against the Connors necessary to begin with from the start. Ronan chokes out that it still doesn't matter and that he has good lawyer who will help exonerate him. Realizing this and knowing that Ronan would try to retaliate against his family again should he survive the incident, Abi is left with no choice but to opportunistically kill Ronan. He does this by grabbing Ronan's hand and forcing him to pull out the fence post lodged in his own abdomen, which instantly kills Ronan as he bleeds to death in front of a shocked Ali. Moments later, the police and ambulance arrive on the scene; Ronan is pronounced dead and his revenge against the Connors has failed as Ryan survives the incident, as does Leanne when her sister Toyah and husband Nick Tilsley visit her at the hospital.

Following Ronan's death, Ali steadily confesses his role to his family along with Robert himself. They urge Ali to not turn himself into the police for killing Ronan, especially after Robert reminds him how the incident partly relates back to how Michelle nearly died months ago at her own wedding to Robert when local villain Pat Phelan shot her before getting himself by his archenemy and rape victim Anna Windass. Eventually, Ali agrees to cover his involvement in Ronan's death and manages to do so even when he encounters Ronan's grieving mother Patti at his funeral. Ali later finds himself having to cover-up the truth behind Ronan's death again upon getting into a conflict with Anna's son Gary Windass over their competitive relationship with Michelle's sister-in-law Maria Connor, as well as how it impacts Ali's investigation on Gary's loan-sharking operation.



  • Although Ali's family are aware of the truth behind Ronan's death, Ali himself has never faced justice or ever been arrested for killing Ronan.