Rongruffle (also known as Rongruffle the Huntress) is a recurring antagonists in Wander Over Yonder. Along with with Killbot 86 and the Potted Plant, she is one of the three best bounty hunters in the Yonder Galaxy and the three worked for Lord Hater to capture Wander and Sylvia, but Commander Peepers kept messing with their plans. She was voiced by April Winchell

Physical appearance

She is called "Piggy" by Peepers in mocks plan more than anything because she's an anthropomorphic alien boar. She wears a beast skull as cap and same beast's leather suit both as throphies hunting.


Because he was so displeased with Commander Peepers' constant failure, Rongruffle was hired by Hater to capture Wander and Sylvia. Peepers made it his goal to stop the bounty hunters to ensure that they wouldn't take his place as Hater's second-in-command. Rongruffle became Peepers first target after she found Wander and Sylvia in an amusement park. She attempted to subdue them by tranquilizing them with her sleeping darts, but Peepers continually stopped her darts with coins and Rongruffle eventually became aware of this. She then pursued Peepers into a beast's pit where it was revealed that her skull belonged to a member of the beast's species. The beast, as revenge, maul Rongruffle while Peepers made his escape.

The Gift

In "The Gift", Rongruffle was shown to have survived her encounter and was one of the many individuals whom Wander and Sylvia gave a present to and she appeared quite happy with her gift.

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