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Ronald "Ronny" Drake is the younger brother of Iceman and an antagonist in the X-Men film series.


X2: X-Men United

After Iceman, Rogue, Wolverine, and Pyro escaped from William Stryker's attack, they decide to go to the home of Iceman's parents, once arriving they knocked on the door, to no avail, so they decide to roam the inside of the home, asking if anybody was there, Wolverine begins to look through the fridge for alcohol, just then Ronny, and his parents find them, they were at first afraid of the appearance of the stranger in their home, but then Iceman comes out and reassured them that Wolverine was his friend, Ronny and the family was relieved, but they were confused why they were out of the school, Iceman then explains that he is a mutant, and his parents and Ronny, are shocked, and address the mutant gene as a problem, saying things like it was a tragedy, Wolverine was annoyed, but Iceman ignored these claims, then Rogue convinces Iceman to show his family his powers, after freezing a water, Ronny is upset, and runs up the stairs and calls the police, he lies to them, most likely claiming that their were invaders in his home, as the mutants had done nothing illegal, then his family and the mutants had guns aimed at them, Wolverine was shot, and Pyro has a breakdown using his powers, killing multiple cops and possibly Iceman's family. Ronny watched from the window in shock, and it is unknown if he survived the flames.


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