Rood is one of Team Plasma's Seven Sages.


Pokémon Black and White

Rood is first met at Team Plasma's hideout in Castelia City, along with Bronius, Ghetsis, and some grunts. All of them leave shortly after the hideout is discovered by the player, Burgh, Iris, and Bianca.

Later, he battles against the Unova Gym Leaders alongside all of the other sages except Ghetsis while the player passes through the castle to confront N.

His final appearance is after N and Ghetsis have been defeated at Route 18, where he turns himself in to the police and gives the player character TM32 Double Team.

Pokèmon Black 2 and White 2

Rood is out of prison two years later, and becomes the leader of the original Team Plasma. He now inhabits the original Team Plasma's safehouse along with a few grunts, Anthea, and Concordia. He gives the player N's old Zorua after a battle with them.

Shortly afterwards, he appears on Route 6 after the player has encountered Cobalion.

Later, he appears leading the members of the original Team Plasma against Ghetsis' new Team Plasma at the Giant Chasm, occupying their forces to allow the player to reach Ghetsis himself.

Pokémon Adventures manga

Rood appeared after a fight broke out between Tornadus and Thundurus that was quelled by Landorus. After Landorus took away the other two Pokémon and fled into the sky, Rood caught them in Poké Balls. He soon give them to The Shadow Triad.

Rood's Pokemon


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