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Leaders are judged in time by the quality of their enemies. History teaches us this.
~ Roodaka, to Sidorak,

Roodaka is a major antagonist who appeared in the BIONICLE series. She was also the main antagonist in the 2005 storyline and also served as one of the main protagonists in the serial story; Federation of Fear. She was a cunning and manipulative Vortixx, who once served as the viceroy of the Visorak Horde alongside Sidorak, who was the king of the horde as the two of them also served as the servants of the Brotherhood of Makuta until she eventually betrayed the organization to the Dark Hunters, thus pitting both sides against each other.

She was voiced by Kathleen Barr in Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows.


Early Life

Roodaka climbs the Mountain alongside the male Vortixx.

Not much was known of Roodaka's past, other than the fact that she hailed from the Vortixx-populated island of Xia. During a rite of passage, Roodaka and her male Vortixx partner began to climb the Mountain. They were midway up when her companion got caught in a rock. He cried out for help but Roodaka using her opportunity, abandoned him to use her advantage to climb to the top. Soon after the climb, Xia custom rewarded her for being the only one to survive, and she obtained a high position in society.

Around four thousand years ago, Roodaka awakened the Kanohi Dragon into Xia. She told Toa Lhikan, the leader of the Toa Mangai, that the Rahi would only be an "ill-tempered pet" on her island. The Vortixx examined the Kanohi Dragon and tried to create a machine similar to it, but to no avail.

Dark Hunters

Over one thousand years later, Roodaka left Xia for Odina. She approached the Dark Hunters and asked to be trained. However, the Shadowed One turned her down on the grounds that Roodaka had no intention of joining the Dark Hunters. On her way back to Xia, Roodaka met Nidhiki. Nidhiki told Roodaka that he wanted to leave the Dark Hunters and asked for her help. Roodaka pretended to agree and later betrayed Nidhiki's plans to the Shadowed One. Roodaka also mutated Nidhiki into an insect-like creature. In exchange for this, the Shadowed One caved in and trained Roodaka.

Brotherhood of Makuta

Sometime later, Roodaka joined the Brotherhood of Makuta. She, alongside Sidorak, served as a lieutenant to Makuta Teridax.

Four members of the Toa Hagah that had been assigned to protect Teridax rebelled against him. Roodaka, using one of her Rhotuka spinners, mutated them into small Rahkshi-like creatures called Rahaga. When the remaining two Toa Hagah returned to rescue them, Roodaka mutated them as well.

Sidorak later betrayed Roodaka by claiming credit for mutating the Toa Hagah. Because of this, he was promoted to king of the Visorak hordes, with Roodaka being the viceroy. Sidorak wanted to form an alliance with Roodaka and then gain an influence in Xia, but Roodaka rebuffed him. She angrily plotted against Sidorak, hoping to one day dispose of him and become queen of the Visorak.

Viceroy of the Visorak

Many years later, when Makuta Teridax was imprisoned by the Toa Metru, he telepathically summoned Roodaka, Sidorak, and their Visorak hordes to Metru Nui. On arrival, Roodaka tore off a piece of Teridax' Toa Seal and held it within her breastplate.

Later, the Visorak captured the Toa Metru and used their venom to mutate them into Toa Hordika. After the Toa Hordika escaped, Roodaka sent her Visorak servants out to capture Vakama and bring him to her. Roodaka convinced Vakama to become the ruler of the Visorak and embrace his new beastial side. Behind Sidorak's back, Roodaka convinced Vakama to help her overthrow Sidorak and tame full command of the Visorak. Vakama agreed in the hope that he could order the Visorak to let his Toa teammates go. Roodaka later ordered Vakama to kidnap the Rahaga in order to gain Sidorak's favor.

Later, the five remaining Toa Hordika, along with the Rahi Keetongu, stormed the Collisseum where the Visorak had established their base. During the battle, Roodaka blasted Keetongu with a burst of shadow energy, seemingly wounding him. Sidorak offered her the final blow, but Roodaka refused. Sidorak realized that Roodaka had merely made Keetongu angry. Roodaka abandoned Sidorak to die fighting Keetongu, becoming the queen of the Visorak like she had wanted.

Shortly thereafter, Roodaka confronted the assembled Toa Hordika-including Vakama, who had rejoined them. Roodaka warned them that the Visorak would kill them if she died, but Vakama (who was still the horde's official leader) ordered them to retreat. The Visorak obeyed, as Roodaka was a traitor who killed their king. After that, the six Toa Hordika blasted their elementally charged Rhotuka spinners at Roodaka. The six elemental blasts hit Roodaka in the chest, destroying the shard of Teridax' prison that Roodaka carried and freeing the Makuta. The first thing Teridax did was teleport a defeated Roodaka away from the city, though it appeared to many that she died.


After Roodaka's supposed defeat, she was approached by a Dark Hunter named Tracker. After restraining Tracker from killing her, Roodaka was forced to travel to Odina and ally with the Dark Hunters. During the Brotherhood of Makuta/Dark Hunters War, Roodaka operated from Xia and worked as a double agent for both sides.

Some time later, Roodaka was at the Makuta Fortress and in control of the Dark Hunters. She informed Zaktan that the base originally belonged to the Brotherhood of Makuta. Roodaka showed Zaktan to a secret chamber where he discovered the full extent of The Plan.

After a while, Roodaka's treachery was discovered by both the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Shadowed One made a deal with the Toa Nuva where they would bring him Roodaka in exchange for the Staff of Artakha. Honoring their end of the bargain, the Toa Nuva saved Roodaka from a battle between the Kanohi Dragon and a Tahtorak and brought her into custody. Roodaka was brought face-to-face before the Rahaga, who were going to assist in the conflicts on Xia. Kopaka told Roodaka that her treachery had been discovered, and that the Toa Nuva would help her if she helped them. Roodaka used her Rhotuka to transform the Rahaga back into Toa Hagah, who then took her into their custody.

Federation of Fear

After the Order of Mata Nui captured her, Roodaka was assigned to a strike team led by Brutaka and including TakadoxCaraparSpiriah, and Vezon. They were sent on a mission to free Makuta Miserix. After Miserix was freed, Roodaka tried to get him to side with her and turn on Brutaka. Miserix replied with a roar that sent Roodaka into a wall. Roodaka was then taken by Brutaka back to Daxia, where she was imprisoned again. Later, when Botar's replacement sent the message to Hydraxon, Roodaka was sent to the Pit.

After Teridax' defeat by Mata Nui, Roodaka migrated to Spherus Magna.


Roodaka was often portrayed as seductive and flirtatious, but undoubtedly very manipulative and treacherous, as she once lived on Xia where treachery is required to survive. She could not care less for all other beings; the only being she admired was Teridax. She hated Sidorak, and only wanted to be with him to become a more powerful villain; in turn, Sidorak did not care for Roodaka much either. She was very strategic and perspicacious, and easily revealed Sidorak's easy manipulation, and used it to her advantage to become the tyrannical queen of the Visorak. During the Brotherhood of Makuta/Dark Hunter War, she played the two organizations as if they were pawns in her game, using both to further her own game and double-crossing to form or break alliances.



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