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I've found you brother.
~ Rosamia

Rosamia Badam (ロザミア・バダム) is a psychologically unstable Cyber Newtype produced by the Titans and a supporting antagonist from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

She was voiced by Kayoko Fujii and Yuu Asakawa in the Japanese version, and by Jennifer Bain in the English version.


As a child, Rosamia was traumatized by the sight of a falling space colony during the One Year War. After the war ended, Rosamia was left and orphan and was taken to the Earth Federation's Augusta Newtype Labs, where she was experimented on to become a Cyber-Newtype.

She was later enlisted into the Titans and assigned to test pilot an ORX-005 Gaplant. While she was piloting it, Rosamia fought against Kamille in the RX-178 Gundam Mk.II, but found herself unable to strike him down.

Later, Rosamia was sent to infiltrate the Argama crew as an undercover agent for the Titans. During this time, Rosamia met Kamille in person and quickly latched onto him, believing him to be her long lost older brother. During this time Rosamia went by the name "Rosammy". Eventually however, the conditioning Rosamia received from the Titans took hold and she escaped from the Argama aboard a Nemo.

Later, while test piloting the NRX-055 Baund Doc, Rosamia encountered Kamille in the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam and recognized him as her brother once more. Despite his best efforts, Rosamia's Titans conditioning was too strong and Kamille was unable to convince her to break free from the Titans.

Eventually, while piloting the new experimental MRX-010 Psyco Gundam, Rosamia confronted Kamille and the Argama once more, her mental state having heavily devolved by this point. Despite his best efforts to free her, Kamille was unable to and instead was forced to kill her to protect the Argama. Right before dying, Rosamia stated she had found her older brother.

Later, Rosamia's spirit was among the many Newtype spirits that showed up to protect Kamille during his final fight against Paptimus Scirocco in the end battle of the Gryps War.


Rosamia alternates between sadistic aggression and childlike terror, and her psychological instability is only worsened as her masters subject her to repeated reprogramming.

When being programmed as "Rosammy" for infiltration to Argama, she is know very childish , high-curiosity and acting like a "little-sister" figure toward Kamille. Her childish persona make her very easy to befriended with Qum and Shinta, even she enjoy playing with them along with Haro and Young Mineva.

But sometime she make annoy the other crew especially Fa Yuiry and Char Aznable, though sometime Fa calmed her when being scarred.


  • Rosamia may not have the track record of joining the main squad in the various Super Robot Wars games that Four Murasame does, but she has been recruitible in a few games, including F/Final, A/A Portable (where you had to choose between her and Four), Compact 1 and 2 (as well as the remake of 2, Impact), as well as 64. In addition, she canonically survives the Alpha series (though the player can choose to kill her and get the Waverider Crash in Alpha Gaiden - either way, the injuries invoked by her piloting the Psycho Gundam MK-II are enough to permanently sideline her)
  • Her childlike-persona,her situation and being pilot of giant-mobile suit very similar with Stella Loussier
  • She also share similar situation with Anew Returner from Mobile Suit Gundam 00
    • Both have lavender hair
    • Both of them have reprogrammed by the enemies ( TITANS and Innovator) to alter their persona in order to made the protagonist didn't suspicious at them
    • Both of them genuinely have affection toward the main-protagonist ( Rosamia/Rosammy to Kamille as her "Older-Brother" and Anew to Lockon Stratos/Lyle Dylandy become a lover)
    • Both they are forced killed by the protagonist in the order to save the other heroes ( however, Anew didn't killed by Lyle instead she killed by Setsuna when he try to save him from Anew fatal Attack)


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