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Rosamund Wilcox, also known as the Rocket Cow Killer, is the main antagonist of the Fairview Arc in Criminal Case: The Conspiracy, though she continues making appearances after her eventual arrest in the last case of said arc.


Rosamund Wilcox was born in 1982 to unknown parents.

As a serial killer, she would slip amlodipine into her victim's Rocket Cow energy drink. This would induce a heart attack in them. In "Hell is Other People", she successfully murdered David O'Connell, and in "The Saddest of All Keys", she was found to have murdered a roadie's wife. The police discovered that the Rocket Cow killer targeted parents she perceives as abusive, so Gloria Hayes pretended to fight with her son, only for her to get kidnapped by Rosamund.

In Hell is Other People, she was discovered to be college friends with Elaine Seabrook, a victim. Rosamund confirmed this, but that Elaine simply fell off her radar once she started working for Fairview High. She was later interrogated when the police found a defaced lawsuit between them. Apparently in college Rosamund nearly got expelled for copying Elaine's work, although Rosamund swears that Elaine was the one who copied her.

In The Saddest of All Keys, the police notified Rosamund about a serial killer at large. Rosamund promised that she will try to keep the people of Fairview safe.

In Hear My Cry, the police asked her for any leads regarding the Rocket Cow killer. She said she had files, but left them in the cafeteria.

When Gloria Hayes was kidnapped, the player found the Rocket Cow Killer's Base, where they found the body of Edward Ramis. Rosamund became a suspect after the player found a note, notifying the victim to meet up sometime in the evening. However, Rosamund claimed it was really to discuss his son, Julian's, drug use. Rosamund left to make sure everyone was safe.

Rosamund was interrogated again when Julian accused her of sleeping with his father. At her office, Rosamund admitted that she, indeed, did date Edward. However, they broke up months ago and only came to Edward's house to talk to him about Julian.

In the end, Rosamund was revealed to be the Rocket Cow killer. At first, Rosamund denied involvement, but she admitted eventually. She claimed she took the job as principal to keep children safe, even if it meant killing their abusive parents. So, she lured Edward into the woods and made a toast, only Edward's drink was laced with amlodipine, causing a heart attack. For the murder of David O'Connell, Tank's wife, Edward Ramis, and at least nine other parents, Judge Powell sentenced her to life in prison with mandatory counseling.

Now in a mental institution, she became a suspect again for the murder of Zoe Kusama. It was discovered that Rosamund planned to kill Zoe because she was dating police officer David Jones, but someone killed her first. She was later found to be innocent after Zoe's true killer was discovered.


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