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Michael Corleone says hello!
~ Tony Rosato to Frank Pentangeli.

The Rosato Brothers are a pair of brothers and supporting antagonists in the 1974 film Godfather Part II. They are associates of Hyman Roth and enemies of Michael Corleone and Frank Pentangeli.

They were portrayed by the late Carmine Caridi and Danny Aiello.


Carmine and Tony Rosato were two mobsters working closely with the Corleone Crime Family and most notably with Peter Clemenza who was running the Corleone operations in New York following their move to Nevada. They were also associates of Hyman Roth who backed them. It was said that even though Clemenza hated them both, he promised them some territories in the Bronx. After Clemenza mysteriously died (assumingly with the Rosato Brothers being involved), his right-hand man Frank Pentangeli who took over the Corleone's operations didn't give those territories to them as he hated them because they did not respected him and because he believed they had something to do with Clemenza's death, while also accused them of messing his territory with their actions.

Pentangeli asked his Don, Michael Corleone to aid him in killing them both, but Michael refused as he had an ongoing negotiation with Hyman Roth and didn't want it to be ruined. After Michael survived his assassination attempt he visited Pentangeli in his old home and asked him to settle his differences with the Rosatos in order to make Roth feel relaxed. Pentageli set up a meeting with them in one of their bars, and Carmine Rosato pretended to be friendly with him, before his brother Tony came from behind and attempted to strangle Frank shouting that Michael Corleone ordered his death. A policeman then entered the bar, saving Frank's life. After that the Rosatos were on the run, with the backing of their ally Hyman Roth, his right-hand man Johnny Ola and possibly Fredo Corleone. They weren't seen again. When Michael Corleone decided to eliminate all of his enemies once and for all, his step-brother and Consigliere Tom Hagen suggested to leave them alone as they were on the run and posed no threat anymore. Michael went on to eliminated his three biggest enemies at the time, Hyman Roth, Frank Pentangeli and his brother Fredo, but he made no move against the Rosato Brothers, probably because they didn't go directly against him or because he simply considered them just cogs of the larger Roth conspiracy.



  • Frank Pentangelli
  • Peter Clemenza
  • Michael Corleone
  • Willie Cicci


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